What Do Your Crush's Texts Actually Mean?

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So, you and your crush are totally tight and you guys text each other constantly, right? Well, do you ever wonder what the texts REALLY mean? Find out now.

  • 1
    Suppose you send your crush a really flirty text. How long do you think it'll take him to reply?
    Like 2 Seconds
    Like More Than An Hour
    Like 30 Minutes
  • 2
    You just passed your crush on your way to class. What does he text you?
    Um, He Doesn't?
    " Hey. Whatcha Gonna Do After School? "
    " Hey. Sup? "
  • 3
    You and your rents just got in a HUGE fight. When you storm up the stairs into your room, and text your crush, what kind of text does he send back?
    Funny Jokes To Cheer You Up
    Well, He Hasn't Really Responded YET..
    Heartfelt Advice To Make You Feel Better
  • 4
    You have finally got up the courage to ask out your crush--but only over the phone. Problem? He won't pick up the damn phone! Does he call back later?
    No, He Calls Back Tomorrow
    No, He Texts Back With His Answer
    No, Never Called Me Or Texted Me Back
  • 5
    Have your friends ever mentioned your crush texting them to ask them about you?
    Once Or Twice
  • 6
    Check your text history! How many texts has your crush sent you in 1 week?
    Like Over 30
    Like 10
    Like None
  • 7
    What does his texts usually say?
    How You're Doing And Stuff
    To Ask You A Favor
    He's Never Texted Me
  • 8
    If he's not chilling with you, then he's:
    Making More Plans With You
    Hanging With His Buds
    Out Doing Something
  • 9
    You made plans to go to the movies with your crush this weekend, when your mom suddenly grounds you for not cleaning up your room! So what does your crush do?
    Texts You @ Home The Whole Weekend
    None Of The Above
    Talks To You On Your Cell
  • 10
    Your crush has been acting kind of sad lately. When you try to text him to ask him if he's OK, he:
    He Never Replied To You
    Tells You Everything That's On His Mind
    Quickly Changes The Subject
  • 11
    You see that your crush just got a text. Who is it probably from?
    His Mom
    His Buds Or A Girl

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