(For girls only) Which Superhero Would Be Your Lover?

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They say opposites attract, but some similarities also attract. With that in mind, take this quiz to see which superhero would be your lover boy. Answer honestly, don’t worry about the results!

  • 1
    First off, what kind of guy sounds most attractive to you?
    An intelligent but outgoing and really fun guy
    A guy who’s the rugged, stubborn type, but is very loyal
    Just a nice guy who’s will-powered and compassionate
    Someone mysterious and a little dark but there when you need him
    A humble, romantic sweetheart who will always be there for you
  • 2
    What’s your favorite school subject?
    Not sure, but I hate science and math!
    Phy. Ed./Drama
    World History/Social Studies
    Does Lunch count?
  • 3
    How do you celebrate your birthday?
    Do something mischievous…it’s MY birthday, isn’t it?
    Invite my friends and all my friends’ friends to a party!
    I dunno, sleep in? I’m not big about birthday parties
    Treat myself out to pizza and ice cream, maybe bring a couple friends along with…
  • 4
    What’s your favorite movie genre?
    I like just about anything
  • 5
    “Tomorrow I’m going to kill you.” You respond:
    I’d rather you not
    I’d like to see you try!
    Yeah, sure
    Oh, don’t do THAT! *sob*
  • 6
    Which would you be most willing to die for?
    My friends and family
    The hope of the future
    World peace
    Freedom of the people
    My lover boy, of course!
  • 7
    You feel the most uncomfortable when…
    I’m not getting my way!
    A situation’s seriously getting out of hand
    I’m suddenly by myself
    I’m around a whole bunch of people
    I suddenly have nothing to do
  • 8
    If someone were threatening you, would you be willing to attack him/her in order to protect yourself?
    Um, duh, of course! The pervert deserves it!
    If I really had to, yes
  • 9
    What REALLY makes your blood boil?
    Ignorance of the people
    Evil bad guys
    Someone daring to harm my loved ones
  • 10
    How do you like this quiz so far?
    Yeah sure whatever, it’s fine
    I’m just doing this to see which superhero I should marry
    You’re supposed to ask that at the END of the quiz, stupid!
    It’s all right, I guess
  • 11
    If you were given $300 cash as a gift, how would you spend it?
    Spend it on ME, baby!
    Replace some clothes or gadgets I have
    I really don’t know
    On a trip to the mall with my friends
    Save it for later
  • 12
    What time is it now? (Really, this isn’t a random question)
    It is too a random question, you just can’t think of anything else!
    5-7 PM/AM
    10-11 PM
    Late morning/Afternoon
  • 13
    What would be your dream date?
    Go to a movie
    Walk along the beach watching the sunset
    Do random, fun stuff together all night
    Eat out, then gaze up at the stars
    Eat out at an elegant restaurant
  • 14
    Do you have your future planned out?
    Little by little
    Sort of
  • 15
    How often do you feel self-conscious?
    Not a lot
    All the time
    Almost never
  • 16
    When will be (or was) your first kiss with your lover?
    Don’t remember
    When we first meet
    Wedding ceremony
    When he proposes
    The night he says the l-word
  • 17
    Do you believe in higher law?
    That stuff’s just not for me, no offence
    I’m not sure
    What’s higher law?
  • 18
    “Sie verlieben sich zu viel.” You respond:
    I speak English, bonehead
    Wait, what?
    I do not!
    Hey, that’s German, right?
  • 19
    What’s your favorite season?
    I like 'em all
  • 20
    Well, this is the end of the quiz. Did you like it?
    Fine, I guess
    I don't know, but hurry up! I want to see the results!
    Didn't you already ask this question?

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Julia ( 2.156 )
Posted 163 days ago
Best quiz I ever took on my life
Wouldn't u like 2know ( 40.68 )
Posted 204 days ago
Couldn't be farther from the truth....