Which Final Fantasy XII Character Are You?

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Ever wonder about it? Well, now you can take this test to cure your sleepless nights!

  • 1
    You live in the world of Ivalice. How would you describe it, in your own words?
    Full of excitement and adventure
    Its government lacks justice and equality for the people
    Magical and mystical
    It’s diverse and ever-changing
    It’s vast but somewhat dangerous
  • 2
    Your favourite mode of transport?
    Private airship
    By foot
    Gate crystals
    Anything is good
  • 3
    Your favourite area on the license grid?

  • 4
    Your favourite city in Ivalice?
    Port of Balfoheim
    Don’t really care
  • 5
    Do you use gambits?
    No, they are useless to me
    I never really got the hang of how to use them
    Yes, they can be very useful
    On some characters yes and on others no
    Yes, but I often switch between on and off
  • 6
    Favourite places in Ivalice out of the named?
    Fallen cities, caverns, sew-ages, mines, mystical places…
    Dalmasca Estersand and Westersand, the Sandsea…
    Gomore Jungle, Salikawood and Feywood
    Vast planes such as the Giza Planes, Ozmone Planes etc.
    Archades, Rabanastre and other big cities

  • 7
    Most useful defensive action?
    Bubble (Doubles MAX HP)
    Charge (sometimes recovers MP)
  • 8
    Most useful offensive action?
    Good old attack mode
    Petrify/petrify, poison, oil, silence etc
    Elemental spells (Firaga, Blizzaja etc)
    I tend to be spontaneous
    Depends on the enemy
  • 9
    What is your LEAST favourite element?

  • 10
    Before yourself you see a giant chest. You carefully open it and find a weapon inside. What is it?
    A few daggers/or knives
    A small, sleek gun
    A heavy broadsword/or axe with elaborate decorations on the
    A powerful bow/or crossbow, with poisonous arrows
    A light but very sharp katana sword
  • 11
    There is a wide range of powerful protective armour and accessories in the shop. The bad side is that they are all too ludicrous to wear in public. However, you will not survive the journey if you do not take one (or several, if you can take it)…. Take your time, take your time…
    Picture of your Mom imprinted on your shirt. Grants the ability to catch and train any fiend, even a boss. E.g. “Judge Gabranth, I choose you! x3”
    Full-body scuba-diving outfit (complete with the floppy shoes or whatever they’re called. Oh, and it’s luminous pink with little hearts!). Immune to boss attacks
    Pink bunny slippers which give you inhuman speed, accuracy and evasion.
    A fluffy, indestructible chocobo costume. You become invisible to certain fiends, so you can attack them as much as your want, they still won’t get what’s going on.
    A magical colour-changing bandana that says “I am gay” which makes you immune to all physical attacks and the status ‘confusion’
  • 12
    Quiz is nearly over. Any additional comments?
    It is quite entertaining, nice job
    What the hell is up with the previous question?
    This is epic…
    The candle told me that I should eat Yu-Gi-Oh cards in order for the ice-cream fairy to appear! *random turtle dance*
    I better not get Vaan
  • 13
    This question is number 13.
    I don't know!
    Well done, Sherlock
    Hmm, does this answer count towards the final answer?

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