What Ice Cream are you?

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Well, what ice cream are YOU?

  • 1
    You spill some sauce on your shirt while hanging out with your friends at a restaurant. What do you do?
    Run home and wash the stain off! I don't want anyone seeing me with a stain.
    Put more sauce on it so it'll blend it!
    Stay calm. I hated that shirt anyways! Just simply wipe it off with a napkin.
  • 2
    You're friend tells you that she likes your WORST ENEMY. How do you react?
    *Smiles* "Good for you...I don't really care! Good luck!"
    "What? That's so crazy! Open your eyes! He's an ugly jerk."
  • 3
    Your little brother just spilt the last of the soda. What do you do?
    Get mad and tell him to move so I can clean the mess up.
    Spill my cup of water so we'll both be equal!
    Scold him, kick him, and tell HIM to clean the mess himself.
  • 4
    The last comic book of Mighty Nerdy Noodles is taken by some little kid. You find a rock on the ground while you get angry. What do you do with the rock?
    Pretend to throw it and put it back on the ground.
    Throw it at the little carrot! That's my comic he's taking!
    Trick the kid into giving it to you.
  • 5
    Your mother is cooking her "famous" white cheddar pasta peas. What do you do to avoid eating?
    Pretend I'm upstairs sick and throwing up.
    Throw it across the room, act I'm perfectly fine and run away!
    Pretend to eat it by spitting it into a napkin.
  • 6
    You see a cop car with cops in it. What do you do?
    Make rude hand and face gestures so they'll chase me! You'll never catch me alive!
    Offer them free doughnuts.
    Simply walk by it and wave to them nicely.
  • 7
    You are forced to eat a computer, how do you react?
    "Mmmm...computers! Hand me the hot sauce, mustard, salt and pepper please!"
    I shove the entire computer into my mouth and chew it and swallow. Big deal!
    "That's nasty! I'm not eating anything!"
  • 8
    Someone gives you a brownie. You eat it and find out its dirt! What do you do?
    Put a little whipped cream on it, a little chocolate...and now I can eat it!
    Put it into the ground nicely and neatly!
    That the brownie out of my mouth and give it back to the person and say "No thank you. I'm on a diet."
  • 9
    You fall into a well. What do you do?
    Call for help!
    Try to summon Bloody Mary!
    Climb up! *falls* Ow....
  • 10
    What can you do with a tomato and a lit candle stick?
    Put out the fire on the candle and put the tomato in my salad.
    Roast the tomato and eat it up!
    Burn down my enemy's house!

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