A Narcissism Quotient Test (Female version)

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Are you narcissistic? If you are, how narcissistic are you? Is narcissism always bad? Take the quiz and find out!

There's no right or wrong answer for this quiz. Recommended for over-15.

*A Male version is being developed

  • 1
    My greatest virtue is
    My generosity and capacity to forgive
    My highly developed intuition and humility
    My mastery of a highly technical craft
    My effortless command of attention and respect
    The ability to go straight to the point
  • 2
    I feel quite strongly that most females around me
    Don't pay enough attention to victims of natural disasters
    Tries too hard to appear as the supporting player in their relationship
    Ought to pay more attention to their looks if they wish to be noticed at all
    Should just pop their man's mega inflated ego already, or move on to better deals!
    Undervalues the terrible suffering of adult men at the hands of tyrannical females
  • 3
    In the following scenarios, a woman MOST deserved to feel ashamed...
    For allowing a bridesmaid to upstage her at her own wedding
    For allowing her husband to gain thirty pounds in two short years
    For selling out the invaluable joy of motherhood for selfish ego pursuits
    For sleeping with her cheating husband's best buddy
    For switching TV channels whenever images of suffering children appear
  • 4
    My idea of "Feminine Power"
    As the stronger sex, we women have A LOT more to give
    Without a doubt, nurturing power. Presidents or rockstars, all needy little babies inside!
    Men seeking my approval and attention, even the married ones
    Men cannot live without constant ego massages from women
    Doing whatever whenever for the pleasure of it
  • 5
    In MY Perfect world...
    All is well. For I own everything and everyone
    I have enough practical means to out-adopt both Madonna and Angelina
    I have complete control of all the elements
    I am the hottest prettiest girl who gets the richest handsomest prince
    Nothing and no-one really matters; all is endless unconditional love
  • 6
    A most annoying trait in a woman...
    Acting as if her hyper-sensitivity to stranger's suffering itself deserves a Nobel
    Acting like a fairy princess with absolutely no selfish human desires
    Acting as if she is already one of the guys, or worse, smarter than the smart guys!
    Acting as if she is so popular and therefore better than the rest of us
    Acting as if her underdog status alone justifies her attention monopoly
  • 7
    A woman you secretly admire from a distance
    Seems to have achieve a state of permanent spiritual bliss
    Doesn't seem to ever display fear or hesitance
    Has mastered the high art of playing the power behind the throne
    Has made time and created her own private space to do what she wants
    Travels private jet with trophy husband and gets interviewed by respectable magazines
  • 8
    My idea of a heroic man is...
    One who defends the purity of our tradition, a committed, reliable pillar of strength to his household
    Like a king who honors the special place of his one and only queen, me
    One who dedicates his soul to a higher power, who would risk his own life to protect his wife and children
    Truly strong enough to not take himself too seriously, who would take me seriously
    Competent and ambitious enough to go to war with other men to win my favors
  • 9
    Is barbaric and only possible if the barbarians are allowed into our borders
    Is fine - as long as Polyandry is an equal opportunity for women who need two or more husbands
    Is a silly joke but hey it also leads to a surplus of competitive horny young men, which is great!
    Is primitive and base. Spiritual union should always be between two soul mates
    Is just job delegation to another glorified full-time housemaid. Just make sure the man could afford to PAY
  • 10
    Women's BEST weapon against male oppression is
    Education helps a great deal, but genuine self respect is the key
    Nothing. Only the few queen bees will survive. Women as a group will continue to be their own worst oppressors
    Ego transcendence. Spiritual discipline and divine wisdom will tame the power-hungry beast within us all
    Money. Financial Independence gives women the freedom to choose
    Sex. Control of the supply of the oldest commodity will keep the dogs on a leash
  • 11
    Out of the following, the most EXCUSABLE is...
    A mother who serves her teenage daughter high fat diet to keep household male attention all to herself
    A mother who grooms her daughter into a famous superstar from age two onwards as her own retirement plan
    A mother who gives her ten year old son a hand - literally, to help relieve his hormonal tension
    A mother who keeps her hot young lover, her ex-husband and her teenage children living under one roof to save on rent
    A mother who dresses and behaves provocatively to seduce her daughter's husband
  • 12
    The highest achievement for a woman is
    To be a creator of a new paradigm
    To be the shining torch guiding the weaker sex
    To be at the top of her chosen industry
    To have the most all-giving, all-forgiving heart
    To perform the great work as god's chosen one

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