Are you REALLY a vampire?

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Alright, either you're a scared and curious vampire or a ridiculous poser whom I hate. Take the quiz and find out.

  • 1
    What are your thoughts on blood?
    I LOVE blood. It's like sweet
    *cringes* It makes me sick
    Must you torture me and make me think about it? Stupid...
  • 2
    What's the best part about being a vampire?
    Sparkling and having super abilities.
    I'm human, smart one.
    Best part? HA. HA. Its hell.
  • 3
    What does blood smell like to you?
    Like freesias, or honey. It depends on the person.
    I can't smell blood.
  • 4
    Do you frequently get headaches?
    Yes, *moan*
    Headaches? *laughs* No! Stupid human.
  • 5
    How old were you when you were awakened?
    Umm...between 10-20
    Awakened? What the hell...
    Awakened? I was changed about 100 years ago.
  • 6
    How do you kill a vampire like yourself?
    Umm...a wooden stake? And I'm NOT a vampire. -_-
    Rip them apart, burn the pieces
    Like anyone else?
  • 7
    What are your views on immortality?
    Who's immortal? Not me.
    It doesn't exist.
    It's the best. I can live FOREVER!
  • 8
    What does sunlight feel like on your skin?
    Like a heat lamp radiating uncomfortably close to my skin.
    I don't just makes me sparkle
    Warm, I guess.
  • 9
    Are you comfortable in sunlight without sunglasses?
    Sure, why not?
    If it isn't too bright, sure.
    No. It hurts.
  • 10
    Who's mind did you last read?
    No ones?
    My boyfriend's.
    Again, what the hell...
  • 11
    Are you often tired and weak?
    No. Strong as ever, I don't sleep.
    No, I keep my strength up.
    Yes, unless I've fed recently.
  • 12
    Which of the following lights bother you?
    Only sunlight when humans can see me.
    All. Black lights, sunlight, fluorescent...
    None, unless they're VERY bright
  • 13
    If a human were to trip and get a large cut, what would you do?
    Help them up.
    Freak out. Try to control myself and walk away...but Oh, that blood...*moan*
    Run away so fast they couldn't see me.
  • 14
    Which of the following books interest you?
    Blue Bloods, Interview with a Vampire, Vladimir Todd
    Anything teen novel-ish
    Twilight and ONLY TWILIGHT. I can relate so much.
  • 15
    When do you prefer to sleep?
    During the day, but I sleep at night b/c of school.
    I don't?
    At night like everyone?

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christopher ( 6.223 )
Posted 309 days ago
I so sorry gor that rude and mean comment please forgive me
christopher ( 96.88 )
Posted 309 days ago
Who ar tou calling a liar because the only liar I seen is you!! So better get your facts striaght.And every vampire quiz I've taked I past.And I think your a vampire.So stay inside because you're going
to get sunburn!