Introductory Psychology

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12 Questions - Developed by: Scott McGreal - Developed on: - 21.726 taken

Test your knowledge of psychology with questions developed for an actual first-year university psychology course.

  • 1
    ___________ - existential psychologists stress the importance of self-awareness and people’s freedom to choose

  • 2
    ._____ psychologists note that only the fittest organisms reach maturity and reproduce, and transmit genes to future generations
    Social cognitive
  • 3
    One reason that alcohol seems to ‘hit harder’ in women than in men is:
    Women report enjoying alcohol more than men
    All of these choices
    Women tend to drink more
    Women metabolize little alcohol in the stomach
  • 4
    The Strange Situation test is used to assess what aspect of psychological development?
    Moral reasoning
    Psychosocial stages
    Meta-cognitive awareness
  • 5
    Which of the following is not one of the temperament types described by Thomas and Chess?
    Slow-to-warm up
  • 6
    The Ames Room produces perceptual distortions due to what?
    Hallucinogenic substances in the atmosphere
    Perceptual habits based on our expectation that rooms have a certain shape
    Carefully placed mirrors and distorting lenses
    Stroboscopic manipulation of perceptual dissonance
  • 7
    The Ganzfeld procedure has been used in the study of what phenomenon?
    Virtual reality
    Lucid dreaming
    Visual illusions
  • 8
    Which of Erickson’s psychosocial stages is associated with old age?
    Trust vs. mistrust
    Intimacy vs. isolation
    Integrity vs. despair
    Wisdom vs. senility
  • 9
    The study of death and dying is known as what?
  • 10
    General knowledge relies on what form of memory?
  • 11
    Studies on language use in apes have found that:
    The potential ability of apes to communicate through sign language appears to be unlimited
    Apes can never use symbols to communicate
    Apes can learn sophisticated grammatical rules but their vocabularies are quite limited
    Apes can learn a wide range of symbols but their grammatical ability is quite limited
  • 12
    Which of the following statements regarding linguistic universals is false?
    The existence of colour names in a language is arranged in a hierarchy, e.g. all languages that have a term for red also have terms for black and white.
    Each language derives their colour terms from only eleven colour names.
    All languages contain personal address terms.
    All languages have terms for green and blue

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