Which POTC character are you?

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Do you laugh at death or scamper away for it, or try to bargain your way out of it. Have you lost something dearest to you, or did you give it away? Who are you in this quiz? Find out!

  • 1
    You find a stash of gold in a dark alley, what do you do?
    Take it and blow it all on rum and other useless things.
    Take it and share it with people, but for selfish reasons.
    Take it and use it for good, but for good only.
    Leave it alone, your too honest, plus, you're already wealthy.
    Leave it alone, it has no matter to you if you lost the one thing you desired.
  • 2
    You see a guy rich guy getting mugged, what do you do?
    Go and help the rich guy break free.
    Call the cops on the mugger.
    Leave it alone, you're not involved.
    Laugh at the rich guy with your buddies.
    You join in the mugging.
  • 3
    You and your friends are walking down the street, when someone pulls you into a bush and threatens to kill you if you don't do something he wants you to do. What do you do?
    Scream HELP as loud as possible and hope someone hears you.
    Offer something in exchange instead of doing it.
    Try to talk your way out of it.
    Wait for one of your friends patiently, they'll know you're gone, so they'll come help you.
    Stab him with your sword. Show him you can put up a fight!
  • 4
    Your friend and you find a ticket to a popular play, but five minutes later, a man walks up to you asking if you've seen the ticket. What do you do?
    Give the ticket back, it's not necessary to see it.
    Stab the guy, finders keepers.
    Give the ticket back, you can buy one yourself.
    Ask for an exchange for the ticket.
    Tell him you haven't seen it, and walk away to the theater.
  • 5
    You've been out at sea for almost 2 months now, and everyone is starving. You see a Port, but everyone is killing each other for bread! What do you do?
    You go because your crew is starving, but you protect them at all costs.
    You can't step on land for another 10 years, so why bother go near it?
    Keep sailing, what's the point of getting food if you know you are going to get beat up.
    You dash towards the island, but it's every man for himself.
    You can't feel the wind, why do you care?
  • 6
    You got into a fight and it's on in two hours. What do you do?
    You get your bodyguard to fight for you.
    You sail away to another port, hoping they won't track you down.
    You fight with please, but not too hard.
    You do your best, but just try to get it over with without hurting yourself.
    The minute he approaches you, you stab the guy and prove yourself
  • 7
    You see that someone got a hold of your ship and took it. What do you do?
    Nothing! You took the ship in the first place.
    You go track them down.
    You can't leave your ship, and you stab anyone that comes near it.
    You don't let it happen, because you sail on someone else's ship with them.
    Buy another ship.
  • 8
    You are surrounded by a skeletal army, what do you do?
    You're part of the army, you command them!
    You run away.
    You fight back.
    You cry help!
    You slice your way one by one with fury, knowing you can do better.
  • 9
    If you were stranded on an island, what would you bring.
    Your sword.
    A mirror.
    Your true love.
  • 10
    You won the contest for best sword fighter, but what was your technique?
    You're angry at the world, your fury pours out into your sword.
    You're insane, so that's on your side.
    You've got the basics down and you know them well enough, along with some new tricks.
    Your looks blinded everyone.
    Your wits help you win.
  • 11
    If you could do one of these, what would you do?
    Sail the seas forever with your true love.
    Live normally with your true love.
    Be immortal.
    Free your family.
    Have a monkey.

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