Twilight Knowledge Quiz

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  • 1
    Which 2 wolves came last to the pack?
    Jacob and Sam
    Seth and Leah
    Colin and Brady
    Quil and Embry
  • 2
    Who did Paul imprint on?
    Rachel (Jacob's sister)
  • 3
    Why do the wolves wear very little clothing?
    All of the above.
    They have to carry their clothes in their mouths, and to keep their burden light.
    They don't need to their unbearably hot.
    Phasing is out of their control so they have to keep little clothing so they don't have to lose all their clothes.
  • 4
    What does Alice give Bella on her wedding day?
    The grader.
    Blue Diamond comb.
  • 5
    Why did Jacob leave his pack in Breaking Dawn?
    He didn't want to live anymore.
    Sam needed to kill Bella, and he wanted to protect her.
    His pack wanted to kill Renesmee and he imprinted on her and he needed to protect her.
  • 6
    Why does Bella not want to get married?
    Because she's 18 yrs. old and she's responsible, mature and doesn't want to get married.
    She doesn't feel mature enough
    She's afraid Edward will think of her when she is changed.
  • 7
    Who kills Victoria and Riley?
    Jasper and Emmett
    Esme and Alice
    Rosalie and Esme
    Carlisle and Alice
    Edward and Seth
  • 8
    What does Jacob get Bella for her graduation?
    Diamond bracelet.
    A wolf bracelet.
  • 9
    Why is Bella so opposed of Edward getting her presents?
    She feels that he's wasting too much money on her, when he should be using it for other reasons.
    She feels like she has nothing to give back to him, since he has almost everything.
    Because she feels that she doesn't deserve all of the love that he is giving to her.
  • 10
    How many chromosomes do (in this order) vampires, wolves and humans have?
    25, 24, 23
    24, 23, 25
    23, 25, 25
  • 11
    What did Edward get Bella for her 18th birthday?
    He gets her a lullaby which she didn't want.
    Camera and scrapbook.
    Dream catcher.
  • 12
    How tall is Jacob in Breaking Dawn?
  • 13
    Where did the Cullens and the werewolves practice fighting the newborns?
    The meadow.
    The forest.
    The clearing.

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