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Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

35.65 % of users had this result: I believe, Fair and square, that you are gay. There is no way you would have gotten here lying, so I trust you and say with confidence: You Are Gay! As am I, and hundreds of thousands of others. Congratulations. However, you shouldn't depend ENTIRELY on tests like this one. Wait until you are 100% sure, then decide for yourself.

28.56 % of users had this result: Well, you're not gay, but you're not straight either. You, my friend, are probably Bisexual. I am glad for you, but don't rely entirely on tests like this... Wait until you, as a person, are entirely sure, and THEN decide.

35.79 % of users had this result: I have no idea how you got the thought that you might be gay, but hey, I haven't got the whole picture here. Don't worry if you were worried, You're not gay. This I say with Confidence. Good luck, and Have a nice day.