Degrassi: The Next Generation Quiz

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Think you know Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 1-9?

  • 1
    Why doesn't Ashley break up with Jimmy in season 1?
    It was their anniversary
    It's Jimmy's birthday
    She was scared
    She was using him for his money
  • 2
    Who fights Sean in season 1?
  • 3
    What's wrong with Paige's hair in season 2?
    She claims she has a mullet
    It's too short
    She dyed it black
    It's gone
  • 4
    Who dies in season 2?
    Craig's dad
    Craig's mom
  • 5
    Who does Sean date in season 3?
    Emma, Amy, and Ellie
    Emma and Ellie
    Amy and Emma
    Amy and Ellie
  • 6
    How does Ashley find out Craig is cheating on her?
    Ashley catches Manny and Craig together
    Manny tells Ashley
    The charm bracelet Manny's wearing is from Craig
    Craig tells Ashley
  • 7
    Why do Paige and Spinner break up in season 4?
    Spinner takes advantage of Paige and flirts with Manny
    Paige dumps him when she has to go to court
    Paige crashes Spinner's car
    Paige starts having feelings for a teacher
  • 8
    In season 4, what things does Craig NOT do when he becomes bipolar?
    Breaks his arm
    Fights Joey
    Proposes to Ashley
    Runs away from home
  • 9
    In season 5, what club are Darcy and Spinner in?
    Friendship Club
    Faith Club
    Abstinence Club
    Jesus Club
  • 10
    Who gets pregnant in season 5?
  • 11
    Who plants weed in Sean's locker in season 6?
    It was his pot
  • 12
    Who had a stalker on the web?
    Emma and Darcy
    Manny and Darcy
  • 13
    Which one these kids is originally from Lakehurst?
  • 14
    Who does Sav date in season 7?
    Holly J
  • 15
    Why does Manny dump Jay for good in season 7?
    They were never really dating
    He ruins her audition for Smithdale drama
    He steals her engagement ring
    He cheats on her
  • 16
    Which couples break up in season 8?
    Johnny and Alli, Mia and Peter, Anya and Sav
    Anya and Sav, Mia and Peter
    Anya and Sav, Mia and Peter, Johnny and Alli, Jane and Spinner
    Anya and Sav, Mia and Peter, Johnny and Alli, Jane and Spinner, Peter and Darcy
  • 17
    Why does Mia break up with Peter in season 8?
    She thinks he still loves Darcy
    Peter becomes addicted to meth
    Mia thinks Peter can't handle the fact that she has a kid
    She is moving to Paris
  • 18
    In the "Degrassi Goes Hollywood" movie who rides on the bus to get to Hollywood?
    Mia, Jay, Sav, Peter and Danny
    Manny, Peter, Jay, Danny, Sav, and Mia
    Emma, Manny, Peter, Danny and Sav
    Paige, Marco, Craig and Ellie
  • 19
    In season 9, which girls does Declan hookup with?
    Jane and Holly J
    Only Jane
    Trish and Holly J
    Trish, Holly J, and Jane
  • 20
    Why do K.C. and Claire break up in season 9?
    He starts having feelings for Jenna
    K.C. has too much going on in his life for Claire
    He wants to have sex and Claire wants to wait till marriage
    Claire likes Declan

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