Who REALLY knows the heroic Potter? We'll soon see won't we...

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Hi guys! My personal favourite is Luna Lovegood, she's completely off the wall! Welcome!

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    "Oh, please. I don't think Expelliarmus will help us against You-Know-Who, do you?"Who says this and which house is he/she in?
    Fleur Delacourt, from Beauxbatons
    Zacharias Smith, Hufflepuff
    Padma Patil, Ravenclaw
  • 2
    What is Luna's middle name(MAJOR TOUGHIE!)?
    Xena, after her mum
    Xena, after her cousin
    Lily, after Lily Potter(nee Evans)
  • 3
    What is "Ginny" short for?
    Gemma(you mean Gemmy!)
    I don't know. IT'S GINNY, OK?
  • 4
    Who here is muggle-born BUT actually a half-blood?
    Dean Thomas
    Justin Finch-Fletchley
    Hermione Granger
  • 5
    What is Penelope Clearwater's hair like?
    Punk...? I don't know who in the name of Merlin's beard is Priscilla Clayton or whoever?
  • 6
    What is Cho's reddish-blonde haired friend's name, who later became a traitor to the DA?
    Maryeta Edgecombe
    Romilda Vane
    Parvati Patil, or was it Padma...Padma's smaller, but Parvati is in an opposing house..?
  • 7
    What, in your opinion, is the BEST HP drink?
  • 8
    What colour was Lily Evans' hair?
    Light brown
    Dark red
  • 9
    What is my blood status?
    You are a stinky Mudblood who smells of cheap perfume!
  • 10
    What do you think of my quiz?
    Not so good(:( I WILL TRY AND IMPROVE IT)
    Awesome(THANK YOU!)
    Pretty great(THANKS)

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Anonymous ( 55.37 )
Posted 148 days ago
You do know that it say OPINION I am pretty sure that everyone knows what a fact and an opinion is and no one knows your blood status that does not even matter unless you are a slytheren