Does your shy crush like you back? (girls only)

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Have you ever thought about your crush and wondered if they liked you but were afraid to show it? This quiz will (hopefully) let you know. (answers based on real life experiences)

  • 1
    Does he look at you a lot, but looks away and/or blushes when you notice him staring?
    When he looks at me, which is almost never.
    Look at me? I wish!
    Yeah, ALL THE TIME! It's like you are there!
  • 2
    Does he get really happy all of a sudden when you are around?
    No, he seems to be in a bad mood.
    Totally! Every time!:)
    We're almost never near each other, but he is happy on those rare occasions.
    Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't.
  • 3
    Do you ever see him looking for you in a crowd (like at an assembly or at lunch) and when he finds you, he keeps glancing back?
    His friends do.
    Yes!: D
    He does that sometimes.
    He never does that.

  • 4
    If and when you two talk, does he always smile and seem to be hanging onto every word?
    He smiles when he sees food stuck in my teeth.
    Sometimes, but other times he seems afraid to look me in the eye.
    He does, and it's SO cute!
  • 5
    Is he always asking for a high five or "accidentally" touching your hand?
    YES and YES!
    He doesn't do high fives, and why would he want to touch me?
    He did once/He seems like he wants to, but hasn't worked up the courage.
  • 6
    Do his friends seem like they know something that you don't?
    They just seem like their normal selves.
    Sometimes they smile at me for no reason...
    Yes, and it's starting to creep me out, the way they are so smug...

  • 7
    If you are in a crowd, does he make his way over to you and stay in that general area?
    Sometimes I see him come closer, but then I look and he walks away.
    Yes, and I wonder how he always finds me!
    No, never.
  • 8
    Do his friends watch you and/or ask you personal questions?
    They just watch me from far away.
    No, why do you ask?
    Yes, it's really weird!
  • 9
    Does he do something cool and then look at you to see if you saw?
    No, not at all.
    He's not the show-off kind of guy.
    Yes, all the time!

  • 10
    Last, but not least, does he compliment you on anything? (good grades, looks, etc.)
    Yes, quite often.

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Sofia ( 00873 )
Posted 349 days ago
i like this boy, which was my classmate since grade 7, and we had this past, he liked me and i never liked him back until there's a sudden sound saying, like him, and yup, we had a mutual understanding. this boy had many friends, but one of them was angry at me for "flirting too much" with his friend which is so not true at all. he became angry at me for almost a year but then when school started, this angry bird stares at me for almost 40 times a day, i think? but my crush also stares at me but when i asked my cousin to chat him secretly he said NO. A. BIG. NO. but we had a past with my crush, as stated. now, who likes me? my crush or his friend?

ps his friend was also my former crush 😉