Should you be scared of . . .*gasp* Your Ex?

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Falling in love is easy. Building a working relationship is much more difficult, and unfortunately getting out of an unsuccessful relationship is not only more difficult but more common. Boyfriends/girlfriends while dating them are pleasant and enjoyable, but can easily turn into furniture-ruining, obscenity-shouting terrors once the label "Ex" is added. When the name of the game is Ex Husband/wife, the horror grows as they actually take your stuff, kids, dog, and beat a hasty retreat. But sometimes Exes go beyond that, trading destruction and insults for violence and death threats; and sometimes, I'm afraid, they follow though. But should you be afraid of your Ex? Maybe you are, whether or not you should be. To find out, I recommend you take this quiz . . . just in case . . .

  • 1
    How did you break up?
    They broke up with me. I cried.
    I said it to his/her face. Almost like ordering a Big-Mac.
    I let it linger for as long as possible, then said what needed to say and took off
    I had a friend tell him/her or some other indirect method. I didn't want to be there when it happened
  • 2
    What made you like them in the first place?
    Their looks.
    Their dark, brooding nature.
    Their tough attitude and willingness to take anyone on.
    Their sweet nature.
  • 3
    Of the four animals listed below, which reminds you most of your ex?
    A cat. It has claws and knows how to use them, but never would on me.
    A squirrel. Not threatening at all and runs away by instinct.
    A Grizzly bear. I think I'll play dead now . . .
    A Walrus. It looks gentle, but it can really throw it's weight around!
  • 4
    What did your friends think of your ex?
    They always told me about the horrible things my Ex would say/do to other people when I'm not around.
    They really didn't care . . .
    They all thought he/she was Okay and accepted them.
    I don't know. They all started avoiding us at that point
  • 5
    How much in the relationship did you instigate?
    Gentle stuff, Ex instigated romantic stuff.
    Romantic stuff, Ex instigated gentle stuff.
    Nothing. Sometimes I had to slow my Ex down because they were too far too fast.
    Everything. It was kinda of cute watching Ex blush . . .
  • 6
    How does your Ex deal with traumatic events?
    They go into a depressed funk for awhile, but they don't cry much
    They bawl their eyes out. Oh God, I feel guilty!
    They go stoic.
    They don't get sad, they get MAD!
  • 7
    How good is your Ex with weapons?
    Very good. They know more about guns than Rambo and own every single gun made in the past ten years.
    They had some things they could use as weapons, but probably wouldn't.
    They own some older weapons, but it's just for show, I'm sure.
    Not good at all. They're scared of knives and guns and hate blood.
  • 8
    Have you ever met your Exes Exes?
    Yes, they were the ones that warned me most to dump him.
    No, but I makes sense because my Ex hasn't lived here a long time and is very shy.
    Yes, they seem to be on good terms with my Ex.
    No, which is weird since he/she's lived here for years and has dated prominently
  • 9
    How much did your Ex talk about the future?
    He talked about us getting married and living deep in the woods away from all I know and trust every time I saw him.
    Eh, once or twice. Only when applicable.
    Almost never, as if they were scared of the future
    Reasonable amount, but only about HIS future.
  • 10
    What are your nightmares about these days?
    The usual stuff: Ghosts, spiders, insurance salesmen.
    My Ex. Them chasing me, stalking me, attacking me and my family. It's almost like a warning . . .
    Being lost/abandoned, all alone.
    Being chased/killed by things. I don't get it.
  • 11
    Would you ever consider going back to them?
    I'm too terrified to look at them, why would I ever go back?
    Never. They crossed the line, and I haft to stand up for what I believe in!
    Probably not, unless they changed their ways completely.
    I've actually been considering that for awhile. Maybe . . .
  • 12
    When you look in their eyes, what do you see?
    I don't know, I haven't seen them in awhile . . .
    The normal guy/girl I always see.
    I can't tell, it's too blurry with held-back tears.
    Malice. Pure, uncensored Malice. I try my best not to look in those eyes.