Which Male Hogwarts Teacher Would Be Your BF?

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Which Hogwarts male teacher is your boyfriend? Or should I say "manfriend"?

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    You and your friends are going to DADA, and He walks pass you, what does he do?
    Smiles, and says "Hello" to us, but looks at me.
    Looks at me, and says "Hello! Have you learn the spell "laugherios" yet?
    Smiles and yells "Hi! How's going?".
    Looks at me, and create words "Hi" on his mouth, without others seeing.
  • 2
    Your best friend says, that He is the stupidest teacher in the hole school, and his lessons are horrible! What do you do?
    I say: "Maybe his lessons are a bit formidable and dangerous, but he is really kind and nice!"
    I say: "What? He is so kind, nice and his lessons are fun! Everyone likes him!"
    I say: "Maybe you don't like him and hate his lessons, but I don't!"
    I say: "Maybe he is a bit strange and mad, but I really like him! And his lessons!"
  • 3
    Now, He comes and asks you to date! What does he say?
    "Hey, I want to ask... Would you like to come with me to a broomstick ride tonight?"
    "Hi! Would you like to come to dinner with me this evening?"
    "Umm... Would you like to came tonight to watch my new pet, quickly?"
    "Hello! Would you like to come my office after you school, for tea?"
  • 4
    You have just been in the kitchen, stealing cake and cookies, and you are now just coming from the kitchen by the painting, and you saw Him, watching you with surprise. Nobody else is there, but he is a teacher, and you have just been breaking the rules. What does he do?
    Asks: "Can I have some cake? Oh, and don't worry, I'm not gonna tell to anyone!"
    He says: "I've always know that switch. And I know, that students use it. So, I think I can keep my mouth close again."
    He says: "Oh, that cake looks good! Can I have some? *wink* "
    He says: "I should make report, but... Go, before I change my mind!"
  • 5
    Its your birthday! When you see first time that day, he gives you a gift! What does he give you?
    A new broomstick!
    A scarf, with my house's colours!
    A magical pen, what writes by itself what I told!
    A pet!
  • 6
    You are walking in the hall, when a group of students surrounds you, and started to bully you! other students aren't brave enough to help, but then He comes, and He see, whats happening. What does He do?
    He would come to us, and ask "What's happening?" And after I explain, he would take 20 points from bullies house.
    He comes to us, and asks me: "What's happening?" And after I tell Him, he takes me to his office, and gives me tea.
    He would come to us, and transform one bully into a mouse, then takes care of me.
    Comes to us, and says: "I'm gonna tell your house-head!" And the bullies run away. Then he would ask me "Are you okay?"
  • 7
    Where would your first kiss happen?
    We are in his office, sitting and talking, when He tells me: "You are one of the people, who I trust." And then we kiss.
    Maybe in his home, when we are drinking hot chocolate, and talking, when we just do it.
    Umm... We are in his office, and He asks: "Can you keep a secret?" I nod, and He kisses me.
    Err... We are on a date, we are eating dinner, then we go out to walk, and... Well, we just kiss.
  • 8
    You are on His lesson, and in the class is rounding a tag. You get it from the guy sitting next to you. In the paper reads: "Teacher is today more boring than usually." You are going to give it away quickly, but He noticed the paper, and orders you to read it. After you do it, he tells you to throw it to trash can, and the lesson continues. After the lesson, other students go, but you stay, and tell Him everything about the paper. After your explain, what does he do?
    He smiles, and says: "I understand, and I have once write same-like lap."
    He smiles, and says: "I see it, how others smiled and giggle. And I see, how you seemed to be angry for that paper." I blush.
    He says: "I'm glad to hear that, and I... Um... Didn't believe that you were the one who write or like it..."
    He smiles, hugs me and says: "I guess that, and I'm glad you tell it immediately."
  • 9
    Okay, now you are in the Yule Ball! You and your friends are just standing, when one boy comes, and asks you to dance with him. You say yes, and you two dance. After that, you return to your friends. You see Him, coming to you. What does he do?
    He says: "I can't dance, so I just want to say, you can have fun, because I really can't dance... But, maybe I could try, just one dance?"
    Says: "Can you dance now with me?", seemed not to be angry or something.
    He says: "I don't usually dance, but... Now I thing I do, so you don't need to dance with any guy just because I don't dance with ya."
    Smiles, asks me to dance, and says: "It's just right you have fun, you see, I'm dancing with some other girls, too!"
  • 10
    Now, what kind of relationship you have? Public? Or no?
    Some people know, that we like each others deeply, and it's not a secret.
    Its a secret. We kiss secretly etc., and nobody knows about our romance. They just thing I'm his only friend...
    Um... We don't make a number of it, but it's not a secret. If someone knows, then just knows. We really don't mind.
    Well, jealous girls can tell. Everyone knows that we are in love. And we don't mind it.
  • 11
    It's Hogsmeade-weekend! He and you fit to meet somewhere in Hogsmeade. Where he suggest you two to met?
    In Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop!
    In the Hog's Head! He promise to offer.
    In front of Shrieking Shack!
    In The Three Broomsticks! I promise to offer.
  • 12
    You see, that He has had a terrible day. You want to cheer Him up, so you bribe some really hard and irritating students to be nice to Him, and told the same everyone else. Then you clean his office/home, and give Him his favourite candy. How He Thanks you?
    He smiles, kisses me, and says: "You are really sweet!"
    He says: "Thank you, you are really kind... Actually, my favourite student." And gives me a quick peck on my lips.
    He gives me a hug, and promises me to offer me a Butterbeer soon.
    He says a bit amazed: "Thank you..." And blush. Then he may kiss me.

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