What kind of person are you?

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Find out who you are!

  • 1
    What kind of music do you like?
    (if you don't like any of the genres below, please pick one...the one closest to your kind of music)
  • 2
    You have trouble doing your Maths homework. You can't solve any of the sums. You...
    (please be honest!)
    Stamp your feet and shout of frustration.
    Take a deep breath and try to start again, calmly.
    You give up. You shut your book and leave it, but you don't make any angry growls or something like that. You keep quiet.
  • 3
    Someone you don't know stepped on your new shoes by accident.
    Be quiet, but inside you're cursing the person.
    Say, "HEY! How dare you step on my shoes! They're expensive, not cheap like yours!"
    Do nothing.
    Smile to the person even when they didn't say sorry.
  • 4
    You have a little sister. One day, she played with your laptop and accidentally dropped it on the floor (she broke it.)
    Say, "GET OUT NOW!" Then you punched her in the face.
    Say, "Hey, sis, that's not cheap, you know. Don't do it again, please..." You smile.
    Slap her on the cheeks and kick her stomach until she cries. Then you walk away.
    Tell her on your mom.
  • 5
    What do you do if someone broke your new, expensive set of rulers?
    Say, "Oh...you broke my new rulers! but that's okay...it was an accident."
    You shout in her face and five her a nice, hard, mean slap.
    You feel very angry, you want to shout, but instead, you smile. You don't want to hurt her feelings.
    Smile. You don't care about your rulers.
  • 6
    Someone stole your lunch. It's not just today, but almost everyday. You know who always steal your lunch.
    Go up to the person and punched her in the face hardly without saying anything.
    Go up to the person and say, "Hey, you know, stealing is not the best thing to do if you're hungry." You smile and walk away.
    You tell on the teacher.
    You leave the problem. You don't care.
  • 7
    You have an enemy at school. One day, you see her crying.
    Go up to her and comfort her.
    Tell the teacher she's crying and upset, but you don't go near her.
    Leave her. You feel sorry for her, but she's your enemy, so why bother?
    Go up to her then say, "Ooh, crying aren't you? Well, now you know how I feel every time you insult me!" You shove her roughly and go away.
  • 8
    Your best friend insulted you in front of everybody today. You feel embarrassed.
    Push her until she falls.
    Slap her hardly on both cheeks and kick her. and say, "You keep that dirty mouth of yours shut!"
    Shrug. You don't want to say something mean to her. You know how it feels when you're hurt. You leave her, but inside you're crying.
    Say something very mean back to her.
    Say nicely, "You know, you can say something nicer."
  • 9
    You like the test?
    Why bother asking me?
    I don't know.
    Yeah...a bit.
    No, it's stupid.
    Oh...it sucks!
  • 10
    You are very ________ when someone insults you.

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