What's your sexuality?

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I find many flaws with the sexuality tests on this site, they only give gay or not-gay and they're structured like tests to be passed(Straight) or failed(Gay). Here I shall offer a more accurate test listing more than just gay-not gay.

  • 1
    Which is more appealing to you: male or female anatomy?
    The opposite of me.
    Anatomy's just anatomy, I don't really care . . .
    Whatever my current lover's anatomy is.
    Both have their good and bad points.
    Whatever anatomy I am.
  • 2
    What are your friends mostly: men or women?
    I don't really care what they are.
    Even mixtures of both
    I'm friends with most everyone.
    Mostly women(Even though I'm a man)
    Mostly men.
  • 3
    You're at a party and someone of the same sex asks you to dance. Do you accept?
    If they're cute enough definitely!
    Oh no way! I'll figure out someway out of it.
    Only if I'm not too tired from dancing with practically everyone there.
    Sure, what the heck? It's a party, might as well live a little.
    Nah, I'm not a good dancer.
  • 4
    You hear someone of the same sex singing a seductive song, but you don't know for whom they're singing. how do you react?
    I listen with interest, maybe even try to get a better look.
    I go back to whatever I was doing. It's none of my business.
    I know this song, so i try to strike up a conversation with this person.
    Eh? Didn't notice, Futurama/Twilight was on at the time.
    I try to get closer, as they have a great singing voice. Maybe even introduce myself.
  • 5
    You're going to the beach, and you see your friend in Speedo's/a Bikini. They're the same gender as you. Now what?
    Complement their attire, gives me all the more reason to look.
    Try to look as little as possible. I mean seriously, what the heck?
    Might take some notice, but that's just because we're friends and I always notice them.
    We do beach stuff? This is a weird question . . .
    I might glance once or twice, but otherwise spend my day normally.
  • 6
    Someone of the opposite gender asks you out. you react by:
    Think about it, then accept if I find them acceptable enough.
    Gently decline, as I am not interested in them.
    Gently declining. I'm not ready to date yet.
    Only if they're nice enough about it.
    Accept probably. They're pretty cute.
  • 7
    What's your opinion on sex?
    Sex? It's a force of nature, and one of the best parts of life!
    It's alright, just as long as the other person is gentle.
    It's just fine, so long as you love the one you're doing it with.
    It's a pretty good thing, at least in moderation.
    Not a big fan of it, especially in the media.
  • 8
    You find a fox full of Playboys in the street. What do you do with them?
    Take them, sell some and keep a few for myself.
    Leave them there. I already have magazines that suit my tastes just fine.
    Leave them there. It's wrong to take what isn't yours.
    Borrow them for a bit, then put them back where I found them.
    Take them! Why let something so good go to waste?
  • 9
    One night you and your friend, after a party or some other event, find yourselves alone. Your friend then throw their arms around you and inform you that they're in love with you. you're both the same gender. What do you say?
    "I thought you'd never say anything! TAKE ME NOW!"
    "Well I like you well enough as a friend, so I suppose maybe a trial date couldn't hurt."
    "Huh, I never knew. I might need some time to think this over."
    "Whoa, sorry but no! I don't even know how it would work!"
    "Maybe some day. But for now, no."
  • 10
    You're all alone in your house and need to let off some steam, so you:
    Call up some friends and invite them over.
    Watch youtube videos about my favorite Shipping couples.
    Do some gardening.
    Look up "rule #34" out of curiosity and for pleasure.
    Call my lover and invite them over.
  • 11
    What do you subscribe to:
    The New Yorker
    Local newspaper.
  • 12
    Final question: What do you think your sexuality is?
    I'm not sure. One minute I think I'm Gay, the next straight, it's really quite an enigma.
    Pretty sure I like girls.
    Pretty sure I like guys.
    I don't really think much about sex, so I took this out of curiosity.
    Really, does sexuality matter at all? Love is love, no matter what the gender is.

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