Are you a follower, Queen Bee, or Disbeliever

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Are you a queen bee popular bully, a desperate follower or an I don't care type? Find Out!

  • 1
    You see someone unpopular at school is upset. You..
    Feel compelled to comfort her, but fear it will be uncool.
    Go over and comfort her, regardless of her personal status.
    Don't care, you made her upset because it makes you feel better.
  • 2
    A geeky kid loses $5. You..
    Openly help look for it.
    Pretend not to care, but secretly are looking everywhere.
    Laugh because you have it in your pocket.
  • 3
    You left your lunch at home. You..
    Start telling everyone it's cool not to eat lunch.
    Worry about your popularity and steal some freak's lunch behind their back.
    Tell your teacher and ask if your mum can bring it.
  • 4
    You're bored. You..
    Tease a smart kid to make yourself look cool.
    Play an imaginative game, read or play cards.
    Play truth or dare and make sure you laugh at your friends embarrassing dares.
  • 5
    You're at school swimming lessons and you're not a great swimmer. You..
    Make sure you're last and then get rude and defensive if anyone comments.
    Openly joke with your friends about how bad you are!
    Start teasing everyone else about how they're such swimming jokes until everyone wants to be bad.
  • 6
    A friend sent you an email telling you you hurt her feelings. You...
    Ignore her and live in fear that she'll say something to a teacher.
    Email her back, apologising.
    Email her back, telling her what an oversensitive jerk she is and how she can't take a joke.
  • 7
    You are eating lunch when somebody tells you you're lunch stinks. You..
    Tell them that wasn't very nice and that if they have a problem with it they should go somewhere else.
    Deny that it's your lunch and instead blame it on a weird kid you don't like.
    This would never happen to you, you're the one that tells people their lunch stinks!
  • 8
    You forgot to bring money for your shopping spree with your friends. You..
    Pretending nothing looks nice and are fearful of someone looking in your purse.
    Tell them how nice they are before blackmailing them into giving up some of their money.
    Tell your friends and ask nicely if you could borrow a bit of their money, but are fine with it if they say no.
  • 9
    Someone tells you you're really uncool. You..
    This would never happen to you. You are the coolest person in your whole school.
    Say what is so good about being cool?' and then walk off.
    Accept it and try harder to be cool.
  • 10
    You really like a book but it's considered weird by everyone else. You..
    Read it in secret and pretend you don't like it with everyone else.
    Bully everyone into thinking it's cool.
    You don't care about being cool so you continue reading it openly and proudly.

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