Which Resident Evil 4 Character Are You?

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Are you a character from Resident Evil 4? Well try this test to find out!

  • 1
    You are in a crowd, you...
    Shove others out of your way!
    Try to find all the good looking people to talk to.
    Try to walk as normal, and not to be noticed much.
    Stop to talk to others.
    You try to avoid communications as well as you can.
  • 2
    You trip on some sort of wire in front of a bunch of people, you...
    Laugh and begin talking.
    Get angry and hurt the wire or anyone that says anything.
    Tell the people that saw that you saw someone you "fell for"
    Avoid being noticed and run.
    Try to evade much attention, and just look cool.
  • 3
    You see an old friend that is now an enemy, so you decide to...
    Confront them and let them know where you stand.
    Keep an eye on them, but make it look like you didn't notice them.
    If they are good looking, try to communicate with them, if not, ignore them.
    Keep an eye on them but carry out what you came to do.
    Try to make friends with them if they try to communicate with you.
  • 4
    Someone tries to attack you and is running at you!
    Hide amongst the crowd you are in, then get them when they're not looking.
    Stand still, but if they get too close hit them!
    Jump and roll!
    Run at them and punch them, knocking them down.
  • 5
    What weapon would you most likely use when hunting or practicing?
    Your Arms
    Throwing Knives
  • 6
    What kind of person are you?
    Calm, Secretive.
    Flirty, Funny
    Calm, Serious.
    Regretful, Untrusted.
    Happy, Outgoing
  • 7
    What color do you like the most?
    Green, Orange
    Black, Grey
  • 8
    How would you fight?
    Up close and to a disadvantage.
    Hidden, Sniper.
    Run, possibly throw stuff.
    Gunman, Straight to the action.
    Try to take what you can, if not, retreat if possible.
  • 9
    How would you respond?
    "I think you have problems, man"
    (Mumble) "Huh, guess that makes the two of us"
    (Flirty) "Anything for you, good looking"
    (Sarcastically) "It's not nice to judge..."
    (Aggressively) "You have some guts to say that!"
    (Kindly) "Well don't talk to me then..."
  • 10
    You hate the most:
    To fall in love.
    To be defeated.
    Monsters, but when one's down, there's one less to worry about.
    Being alone.

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