Are you a sporty, arty or smart?

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A quiz to see which category you fit in the most!

  • 1
    When at school you have to make a poster about your hero, you choose...
    Ronaldo - He is so good at soccer!
    Leonardo - He painted the Mona Lisa!
    Einstein - He was so clever!
  • 2
    At break time you....
    Do your math homework early, it will save a lot of work!
    Sit down sketching your friend eating a sandwich.
    Play on the field or around the trees.
  • 3
    Pick one
  • 4
    So now your bud asks what you want for your birthday, you say you want....
    A handmade gift from the heart thanks.
    A new hi-tech phone please.
    Wii Sports Resort if you can.
  • 5
    Pick one
  • 6
    Djdjjddartkffksportkfghfhtfgwgtgstsgtsmartxfgxfgxh coolkfgttthinkk. What did you see in that?
    Think and smart
    Sport of course
  • 7
    You re relaxing and imagine yourself in...
    No thanks I am happy where I am.
    A rainbow coloured land.
    A stadium while a match is on.
  • 8
    This may seem weird but what is your favourite colour?
    Green or Red!
    Blue or White!
    I don't have one but if I really have to choose I'd pick purple or Pink!
  • 9
    Nearly at the end! Mind I ask what are you doing right now?
    I'm half watching TV!
    I'm also looking around for inspiration.
    I'm taking the test what else would I be doing!
  • 10
    The quiz is over so sad. Mind I ask you.... SORRY THE NEXT BIT IS CLASSIFIED....... Tonight?
    Don't worry back to looking for a good topic...
    To bed of course!