Which of My Sonic Characters Are You?

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This test will determine which of my made-up Sonic characters you best resemble out of Amity the Hedgehog, Kayti the Rabbit, Carla the Echidna, or Trinity the Fox. Girls only, please.

  • 1
    It's your first day of school! What is your mode of transportation?
    My own two feet. I'll beat everyone there!
    Carpooling with all my friends!
    I'll hire a limo. Got to get as many boys as possible to notice me....
    Driving my new sports car.
  • 2
    So, you got lost in the hallways and are desperately trying to find the way to the computer lab, your first class. How do you find your way?
    Ask a teacher.
    Ask a hot boy.
    Read someone's mind and find the lab. (cool, no more asking for directions!)
    Cry and cry and cry until someone takes pity on you and walks you there.
  • 3
    Oops. You made it to the lab, but the tardy bell already rang! As the teacher marks you late, what is your reaction?
    Start checking out all the boys. Now that you're late, all eyes are on you!
    Cry your eyes out and plunk down in a seat.
    Shrug your shoulders, sit at a computer, and get to work. Although you ARE a little irritated and think that the bell's a little fast.....
    Are extremely annoyed, but somehow manage to keep your cool by crushing the can of soda you had on the way down here in your bare hands.
  • 4
    It's English class, and you're free-reading. What is your book of choice?
    Anything about flowers.
    Book? Oh, I was too busy looking at that cute guy in the corner! *winks flirtatiously*
    Martial arts book.
    Anything you can get your hands on. You'll read just about anything.
  • 5
    You're in the cafeteria when a mean girl dumps spaghetti all over you! What do you do?
    You start crying and ask one of your friends to help you.
    You've managed to keep calm the whole morning, but you draw the line at someone dumping their lunch on you. You belt her across the face.
    What do you mean? I was the one dumping spaghetti on someone!
    Scream "ARE YOU CRAZY! THESE ARE DESIGNER CLOTHES!" at the top of your lungs and rush at her. It take five teachers and the principal to pull you off her.
  • 6
    Okay, so now it's recess. That same girl pushes you into a mud puddle. (what's her problem!). Anyways, your crush happens to be around and helps you up. Who helped you?
    Again, I was the one who pushed that sap into the mud!
  • 7
    You call home and get a change of clothes. What clothes do you get?
    Maroon shirt with laces up the side, short shorts, and brown clogs.
    Pink blouse with matching skirt, pink knee-high boots, and a purple headband.
    Whatever fashionable "emergency outfit" I stashed in my locker! No calling home for me!
    Loose black T-shirt with matching pants, red athletic shoes, and white fingerless gloves.
  • 8
    You're in study hall when you see Sonic and Shadow having a poker match. What do you do?
    Try to flirt (unsuccessfully) with Shadow. Seems like he's impervious to your charms...
    Pull up a chair and join in.
    Think about what the game would be like if Knuckles was playing....
    Start drawing flowers in your notebook.
  • 9
    It's the end of the day! What do you do as you're walking home?
    Have an arm-wrestling match against Knuckles.
    Challenge Sonic and Shadow to a race. You're just as fast as they are (if not faster....)
    Try your hand at flirting again. No success....
    Talk to Cream about the best place to pick flowers.
  • 10
    LAST QUESTION! How was this quiz?
    It was okay......
    It was GOOD! *smiles cutely*
    I've seen worse....

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