Brandon Full Gospel Church 20 for 20 Quiz

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20 Questions - Developed by: Matt Crane - Developed on: - 3.404 taken

Brandon Full Gospel Church celebrates 20 years of ministry this year. Test your knowledge and relive some memories by taking our quiz!

  • 1
    The church was started in 1990 but in what month did it have its first service?
  • 2
    Angered by a clip from her talk show – who did Pastor Ken announce was a witch during a service in 2009?
    Sally Jesse Raphael
    Oprah Winfrey
    Trisha Goddard
  • 3
    After a new years eve talent night held at Church on the way in 1995 we were told off because:
    We'd left all of the lights on
    We'd left all of the washing up from the buffet
    An adult had spat up jelly on the sanctuary carpet during one of the performances
  • 4
    The Harvest Centre became Brandon Full Gospels church home in 1999 but what was it's use before it was shipped and erected in Brandon?
    An arts cinema
    An office for British Telecom
    A young offenders prison
  • 5
    When playing the card games “Spoons” at pastors house – Sam Wandera offended the Czech missionaries by
    Grabbing the last spoon from the Czech Pastor's privates
    Being a bad loser
  • 6
    Paul and Elaine Briers are missionaries the church supports in South Africa, but which country were they originally missionaries to?
    The Netherlands
  • 7
    At a pastor appreciation day in 1997 the church surprised Ken and Val with
    A Volvo
    A new Bible each
    An all inclusive stay at a 5 star hotel
  • 8
    On a church day out in London – the Stroud girls missed the bus pick-up for a concert by Carmen but why?
    Were they:
    Delayed due to an IRA bomb scare on the London Underground
    Late because, hello, they're Strouds
    Detained for questioning because they looked suspicious
  • 9
    Throughout the Nineties the church drama/dance/mime team ministered on the bases, at outreaches and even in France, but what was the team called? Was it:
    Acting Out
    Final Curtain
  • 10
    Leon Bacon had a famous greeting as he ushered people into church – but what was it. Was it:
    A kiss on both cheeks
    A pat on the bottom
    Lifting people off of the ground in a bear hug.
  • 11
    The Clarion was Brandon Full Gospel Church's first church newsletter – but what is a Clarion?
    A breastplate that protected soldiers from attack
    A group committed to a particular cause
    A medieval trumpet that made a loud clear sound
  • 12
    The church has occupied a number of venues, but what was our THIRD church home?
    Breckland Middle School
    Church End Nursery
    The Harvest Centre
  • 13
    Jeroen Honingh led worship in 1997, in spite of being a Dutch American, what Jewish custom did he observe in almost every service?
    Did he:
    Say the opening prayer in Hebrew
    Blow a Shofar during worship
    Wear a yahmulke on his head during worship
  • 14
    Ken has officiated a number of weddings of Brandon Full Gospel church members – but what year was the first of these?
    Was it:
  • 15
    The church used to run a private Christian School in Thetford but what was it called?
    Full Gospel Primary School
    Emmanuel Christian School
    Little Angels Elementary
  • 16
    In 2010 the church received an award for their work with the homeless in Brandon, but what was the award?
    The Oral Roberts Good Samaritan Award
    The Suffolk Community Partnership Award
    Doing the good work was it's own reward
  • 17
    Before Ken got saved he tried to convince Val that the Bible was wrong, but how many times did he read the New Testament before he got saved? Was it:
    5 times
    3 times
    8 times
  • 18
    On an outreach in Mildenhall in the summer, Ken handed a tract to a lady who swatted it away saying it was too hot to listen to the gospel? What was Ken's reply? Was it:
    Jesus loves you
    It'll be ever hotter if you don't listen
    He who drinks the water I give him will never thirst
  • 19
    The Harvest Bible Training School received it's first students in 2007, but how many students attended the first year?
  • 20
    Ken and Val's Volvo had a nickname, but what was it? Was it:
    Uncle Buck
    Chitty Bang Bang

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