Phineas and Ferb - Summer Belongs to You

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"Summer doesn't belong to me. It belongs to everyone." Phineas

How much do you remember from the longest P&F show ever.

  • 1
    How long does it take Mom Flynn-Fletcher to get around the construction?
    1 Hour
    20 Minutes
    45 Minutes
    Half an hour
  • 2
    When the other kids come to the yard the jet is covered up. What shape does the cover over the jet resemble?
    The Statue of Liberty
    The Space Needle
    The Washington Monument
    The Eiffel Tower
  • 3
    Who is Phineas' stunt singer?
    Justin Timberlake
    Clay Walker
    Nick Jonas
    Clay Aiken
  • 4
    Where is the first stop for fuel that the kids make?
  • 5
    Who ends up traveling with the kids when they are in Tokyo?
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz
    Major Monogram
  • 6
    What do the kids use to fix the jet after the wings fall off?
    Two tree trunks
    Super glue
    Duct tape
    A rubber band ball
  • 7
    Why does Isabella get mad at Phineas when they are in Paris?
    He told her to stay with the plane
    He decided to go with Vanessa
    He said romance was "Yucky"
    All he can think about is fixing the plane
  • 8
    Who can secretly speak fluent French, and Gets the oil they need for the plane?
  • 9
    What does Jeremy tell Candice that makes her feel better?
    He called her his girlfriend
    He said he loved her
    He would help her bust her brothers
    He was coming with them
  • 10
    How does Phineas get them off the Island after the plane completely falls apart?
    He uses Candice's phone to call the Navy
    He builds a giant paper airplane
    He makes a boat from a tree
    He digs a tunnel
  • 11
    How do the kids get past the construction to get to the house?
    They use one of the rubber bands to shoot themselves across
    They use long poles to jump over it
    They jump over it on bicycles
    They make a bridge and run over it
  • 12
    Who does Dr. Doofensmirtz kidnap?
    Major Monogram
    Perry the Platypus
  • 13
    The organization that Agent P works for is called what?
    The Organization Without A Cool Acronym
    Preventing Evil Through Animals
    Stop Evil And Terror
    Animal Agents Against Anarchy
  • 14
    Who helps Dr. Doofensmirtz to find Vanessa?
    Major Monogram only
    Perry the Platypus and Major Monogram
    Perry the Platypus only
    No one
  • 15
    Where does Dr. Doofensmirtz and Vanessa reunite?
    The Arc de Triumph
    The Eiffel Tower
    Notre Dame
    The Louvre
  • 16
    What does Vanessa use to rescue her father from going to prison?
    A tube of lipstick
    A shoe
    A ballpoint pen
    A hair drier
  • 17
    Where does Perry go after Dr. Doofensmirtz escapes?
    A French restaurant
    A silent movie
    The Eiffel Tower
  • 18
    How many songs are in this episode?

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