Music Trivia Quiz! (Pt. 1)

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There are going to be many parts of this quiz, all about different bands that I know of (And like).

  • 1
    For the first question, we go to a newer hard rock band called Smile Empty Soul. Amazing band, but which song did they not sing?
    Don't Ever Leave
    We're Through
    Bottom Of A Bottle
  • 2
    Next we go to the 90's alt-rock band Jane's Addiction. Lead singer Perry Farrell made a song for a soundtrack to a very popular movie. What was this movie?
    He didn't.
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Halloween (Rob Zombie remake)
  • 3
    Motley Crue, great 80's hair band. But: True or false...Were they one of the many musical references in the song "1985" by Bowling For Soup?
    What song?
  • 4
    Marilyn Manson, famous shock rocker. And indeed he is. What was the last album he released (it was 2009, if that helps...)?
    Mechanical Animal (Even for a person that thinks Manson is hot, this cover still makes me feel awkward.)
    The High End Of Low
    Eat Me, Drink Me
    Anti-Christ Superstar
  • 5
    True or False: The song "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit is on their album "A Place In The Sun"?
  • 6
    Sick Puppies, hard rock band from Australia. Amazing, but which of these songs were not on their second album "Tri-Polar"?
    My World
    You're Going Down
    Don't Walk Away
    Odd One
  • 7
    Though on radio stations it is known as "Sexy Chick", David Guetta's song is actually titled:
    It is Sexy Chick!
    Sexy B*tch
  • 8
    Rob Zombie, another famous shock rocker. My very lucky friend Cody went to one of his concerts. I couldn't get the tickets though. D': Anyways: He is also a director. What movie hasn't he directed?
    Halloween (Remake)
    The Devil's Rejects
    Friday The 13th (Remake)
    House Of 1,000 Corpses
  • 9
    Nine Inch Nails! Excellent prog-rock 90's band, though only one person is an actual member. His name is Trent Reznor. Which classic artist covered NIN's song "Hurt"?
    Johnny Cash
    Paul McCartney
    Elvis Costello
    Bob Dylan
  • 10
    Blue October is an American alt-rock band. What is the album that has the songs "Hate Me" and "Into The Ocean" on it?
    Blue October
    Approaching Normal
  • 11
    Modest Mouse, they are fairly popular. True or false: They have a song on Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: World Tour, & Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits.
  • 12
    The All American Rejects are obviously popular. I've heard them on the local pop station here in my town on many occasions. But, what song is the most popular off of their new album, When The World Comes Down?
    The Wind Blows
    Gives You Hell
    Real World
    I Wanna
  • 13
    Fall Out Boy, popular emo band. I, of course, don't listen to much emo, but this band is really great. What's their first album (ALBUM, not EP.)
    Take This To Your Grave
    From Under The Cork Tree
    Folie A Deux
    Infinity On High
  • 14
    Seether, hard rock band. If you haven't noticed yet, I listen to hard rock A LOT. Maybe a little too much. But in all seriousness, What 80's pop song did Seether cover?
    Careless Whisper (George Michael)
    Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)
    Like A Virgin (Madonna)
    Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Poison)
  • 15
    You might have heard of this band. It's a little band I'd like to call "Green Day". Have you? Of course, they're one of the biggest bands in the world. They got hugely popular with "American Idiot", after their failing sales of 2000's "Warning". Which of these popular songs did not come out in the 21st Century?
    Basket Case
    Know Your Enemy
  • 16
    Nickelback has gotten more popular over time. I actually heard a radio host say that she thought it was funny seeing these kids who listen to the pop stations at their shows, rocking out to their more pop-oriented tunes, and then they play something like "Burn It To The Ground", and the pop kids are all like "Wait...What?". I think it'd be funny too. Speaking of pop-oriented Nickelback singles, which of these are not played on the Top 40 stations?
    If Today Was Your Last Day
    Shakin' Hands
    If Everyone Cared
  • 17
    There's a record label called Bridge Nine, and the bands on it aren't that popular. True or False: Is the band "Crime In Stereo" not on the record label?
  • 18
    Mutemath, they are not popular. Or, were not until the Twilight Soundtrack came out. Thanks, Twilight. Popularize Muse, and then Linkin Park, and now Mutemath. Why must you take away all the good Indie bands, and get them played on the pop stations? What song was featured on the soundtrack?
    Pins & Needles
  • 19
    Craving Lucy is a newer hard rock band, they just have one single. What is it called?
    Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
    Hollywood Wh*re
  • 20
    P.O.D. is a Christian hard rock band with rap influences. They are best known for songs like "Alive" and "Youth Of The Nation". What does P.O.D. stand for?
    Payable On Death
    Play On Deadman

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