How lesbian are you?

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Are you lesbian, bi, straight or bi-curious?

  • 1
    You see a hot girl. She has MASSIVE boobs. You...
    Ask her to see them
    Look at the hot guy on the other side of the street
    Ask her on a date
  • 2
    Imagine you are in a small shop. You are the only person in it except the one female staff member. You...
    Go up to her and start kissing
    Start talking a little
    Ignore her
  • 3
    Have you ever kissed a girl?
    No! That is disgusting!
    A couple of times
    Yes, I have a girlfriend
  • 4
    It's a dark night. About midnight. You see a girl making out with a guy against a wall. You...
    Go and push the guy away and start making out with her yourself
    Look away
    Get a bit turned on, by the girl
  • 5
    You are trying on clothes in a shop. A pretty male employee comes into your changing room and takes off his top. He has a six pack. You...
    Look, but still think it is a little inappropriate
    Avert your eyes and ask him to go
    Look away and shout, "It's horrible!"
    Tell him to take the rest of them off, while taking your clothes off
  • 6
    You are camping at a site. You see a good-looking girl filling a few bottles of water at the tap. You...
    Say, "hi"
    Wait in the queue to fill your bottles up too.
    Ask her if she wants to get frisky in your tent
    Smile, in a friendly way
  • 7
    You are at a friendэs house. Her big brother smiles at you, and asks you to "help him in the kitchen". When you are there he makes a move. You say...
    "OK, let's get down to it,"
    "Don't you know I'm a lesbian!"
    "Sorry, I don't think this is right,"
    "Maybe another time,"
  • 8
    A pretty girl blows a kiss at you. You...
    Go up to her and ask her on a date
    Smile and blush
    Glare at her
  • 9
    Have you had sex with a girl?
    A couple times
    Yes, many times
    I thought about it
  • 10
    Which bit of a girl do you like best?
    Um... hands?
  • 11
    You are at a fast food restaurant, you leave to go to the restroom. You see a female cleaner sweeping the floor. She follows you into the bathroom. You go in and just before you lock the cubicle, she bursts in and unbuttons her shirt. Her bra is black and lacy. She says, "Shall I take off my bra as well?" You answer...
    "I'd better leave now,"
    "Um... OK," and nod.
    "HELL YEAH! Then we'll start doing it!"
  • 12
    It's a late Saturday night. You see a pretty girl. She is covered in blood, some guy has punched her a couple of times. You take her to your house to make sure she is OK. You are getting her a glass of water and when you come back, she is completely naked with some of your sex toys on your bed. She goes up to you and puts her boobs against you. Then she starts rubbing herself against you. You...
    Why did I even take her to my house!
    Say, "You'd better go now,"
    Kiss her for a bit then stop
    Take off you clothes and have sex, passionately

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Tick ( 4.138 )
Posted 85 days ago
Just because I don't want to have [BEEP] with any random person who offers/DOES'T EVEN OFFER doesn't mean I'm not gay as hell
Lexi ( 14.95 )
Posted 90 days ago
Lesbian and proud!!!!