What Element Are You?

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Fire, Earth, Ice, Air, Dark or Light. Which one are you?

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    What's your view on life?
    Live with the least possible; I subject myself to rigorous training for both mind and body. Self-control is the key to happiness.
    Success comes from putting as much stress on the situation as possible. Imagine and plan for all the horrible possibilities, and we'll make it out fine, though with heavy casualties.
    Life crushes you. Every time I get up, it'll just push me back down again. But still, there are some things worth fighting for.
    How much net pleasure I can derive from life spurs me onward. Pure self-interest drives my decisions.
    Everything is going to turn out fine in the end, but we all need to take active measures to get our happy ending.
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    How would you describe your personality?
    I'm quite dark. Not at all depressive, though, and I certainly don't associate with Emos and Goths. I'm sharp and quick to criticize and praise as needed.
    I'm intense. Not easily stopped, not easily contained. I've got a temper. If things don't go my way... Well, let's see where that gets you.
    I'm cheerful and care deeply for my friends, but this smile does 180's. Get too close to the sun, and I'll incinerate you.
    I'm intelligent, sarcastic, and oh-so-dry. I've always got a plan, but I'm still flexible to change. Sometimes, though, I'm more complex than necessary.
    I'm deep, thoughtful, and complex. Not many people like me, whether they don't understand or they just don't want to take the time to.
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    What weapon would you choose/be?
    Bazooka - I may be smiling, but step a little too close, and you'll feel the burn.
    Hydrogen Bomb - I flick a simple little switch, your pathetic little life winks out. You'll NEVER know my name. Makes revenge a bit hard. But, you're dead, so that's irrelevant.
    Sword - Limbs flying, blood pumping through my body and out of yours, nothing better than a good adrenaline rush.
    Poison - Subtle, painful, and immensely satisfying. You never thought I was capable of inflicting such pain, yes?
    AK-47 - If worst comes to worse (and it always does), I'll mow you down like the expendable you are. No one. Messes. With the plan.
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    What type of intelligence are you?
    I'm good at languages. Tell me something, and I can repeat it word-perfect, perfectly pronounced. I'm capable of imitating all sorts of accents.
    Science/Physics. I can create a mock scenario, using the Mathematical Laws of Probability and Science to determine its outcome, and I can practically make the future happen my way.
    Everything. I'm wicked intelligent, but I sometimes need a large task force to accomplish the particulars in my schemes.
    Arts. I love expressing myself with unusual mediums of creativity.
    There's something special about the way you can learn a math rule and it will always work out, no exceptions. Plus, Math is kind of like me. Masked to all those that don't seek behind it.
  • 5
    Which kind of humor are you–?
    I don't really say anything funny, I just am.
    It's creative writing class and you didn't do your assignment. You walk up and pretend to read out of your notebook. "Benjamin Schwarz thought he could fly. So he jumped off a building. ...He couldn't."
    You're very puny. You flip and manipulate words, quote people and comment sarcastically, and other things. You're style is intelligent and dry; not always understood.
    "The moon is nothing but a circumambulating aphrodisiac divinely subsidized to provoke the world into a rising birth-rate," you quote in Health class, your face completely straight.
    You walk into the classroom, a huge grin on your face. "Holy Molly, Angelina Jolie, there's a fly in my cup!"
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    What kind of music is your favorite?
    Hip Hop/ Rap
    You like pretty much everything, though Classical and Alternative are your favorites.
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    What's your FAVORITE color?
    Red and brown.
    Blue, green, and white.
    Black, dark purple, grey, sapphire blue.
    Hot pink, lime green, yellow.
    White and silver.
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    What's your favorite place out of the following?
    A large, cold castle with hundreds of secrets just screaming to be found. Oh, and that huge library...
    School or a fencing club. Wherever you're learning and getting better at something, you're happiest.
    A sunny, open prairie.
    A secluded library, with many books on any and every topic imaginable.
    Restaurants, and my bedroom.
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    What's your preferred book/genre?
    Movies are more my speed, but Romance/Action/Graphic novels are to my taste when I do read.
    Narnia/LotR/Fantasy - Classic good destroys evil.
    Historical Fiction, or just plain History. Oh, and Philosophy. Classical literature, the works. Whatever challenges me.
    1984/non-fiction accounts of war stories/tragedies/ and books on science
    You read everything, but mostly enjoy the Classics.
  • 10
    What's your favorite animal?
    Dragons, reptiles. Yes, they rock.
    Horses, lions, bears.
    Cats, and elephants, and birds.
    Puppies, anything that's adorable, really.
    Panthers, cheetahs, snakes, and dragons, being the perennial favorite.

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