The Big Bad Test

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Sure you're a bad guy. A super villain. --But what kind?-- This test does not try to interpret the goals, it concentrates on the methods of Your Evilness. If you don't know yourself, how are you supposed to duel successfully with all the awful goody-two-shoes running around with their underwear over their pants?

  • 1
    Will anybody ever figure out what exactly you were doing?
    They are going to write books on my strategies.
    If anybody survives... Which I'll do my best to prevent.
    My plans are far too complicated to ever be completely understood in all their little details and contingencies. That's what makes them work.
    I don't intend on leaving any traces.
    Figure out? Probably. Believe? Unlikely.
  • 2
    Which of these things would most likely play an important role in one of your undertakings?
    A bugging device.
    500kg of plastic explosive.
    An undetectable communication system.
    An automatic rifle.
    Glass cutter & rope.
  • 3
    What happens if one of your plans backfires?
    I retreat immediately. I fight only on my own terms.
    I try to negotiate and win some time for me to regain my strength.
    This is where things get fun. Maybe I can even turn this situation to my advantage.
    I'll fight my way out.
    That possibility was accounted for. Cue plan B.
  • 4
    Do you endorse violence?
    Violence is 75% of my arsenal. The other 25% are guns and explosives.
    It is an option. As such it is limited in it's uses, but should nevertheless not be entirely rejected.
    I like seeing it, yes. Sometimes I'll join the fun, but usually watching my underlings take care of somebody is entertainment enough.
    When it comes to that, something has failed. I'm not bad at it, but I prefer to kill when they can't defend themselves.
    Violence is the reason why I do what I do. That, and the faces of children when you steal their sweets and kill their parents.
  • 5
    How are you protected?
    Elite body guards. A few dozens of those.
    I have a few contingency plans in case I'm suddenly attacked, but mostly I count on NOT being attacked. Half of my time is spent convincing people that they shouldn't.
    They'd have to find me before they could attack me. I'm good at not getting found.
    Unnecessary protection makes the game boring. But if somebody is going to kill me they'd better do it in one shot, because they certainly won't get a second chance.
    Amazing reflexes and a hard skin. What I cannot dodge I can endure.
  • 6
    What do you tell others of your plans?
    Everything that will make their attempts to stop me actually advance my plans. The truth is so beautifully bendable.
    There is no point in trying to hide what is obvious. There is little that they can do to against it, in any case.
    Nothing. I'm not the fool to underestimate my enemies.
    If I cannot avoid contact with the enemy, I'll lie.
    Enough to let them run around panic-stricken. I love to see the resulting chaos, even if it means some minor setbacks. It won't affect my bigger projects.
  • 7
    What do you do with your prisoners?
    Arm them with bombs and release them to their friends, so they can watch them die.
    Feed them half-truths, promises and possibly also some lies to recruit them for my side, hopefully as undercover agents.
    Prisoners? I don't take prisoners.
    Question shortly. Recruit if they agree, otherwise have them die in some gruesome and comical fashion.
    Question, then kill.
  • 8
    How are you organized?
    Extremely. I make it my job to keep tabs on everything that might have any significance at all to my projects.
    I try to keep it simple. If I have one objective at a time there is only so much that requires my attention. Less room for failure.
    The little conspiracies and games of allegiance of others are of little concern to me. When it comes down to it, their little plans will break apart when met with superior force.
    It's my belief that if an organization cannot run itself for 12 hours on it's own, it's not worth owning. I balance control with comfort.
    Not very. I can improvise pretty well.
  • 9
    Do you swear?
    Yes, to emphasize a point.
    No. I can express myself perfectly well without resorting to vulgar expressions.
    I try to remain cool-headed in all situations. In extreme situations you may hear a swear word from me.
    ******* ****y question, ****** ****. Yes. Sometimes.
    Yes. It's fun.
  • 10
    Are you patient?
    I can lie in wait for days without moving.
    I can wait for years before a plan comes to fruition.
    As long as I have something to play with while I wait... though I ALWAYS find something to play with.
    Many of my plans are long-term, but I try to pander to my immediate needs almost twice as much.
  • 11
    An enemy is coming for you.
    I shall receive them over dinner. This should make for an interesting evening.
    Let them come into my house. It's so full of traps, even I need a map to get to my bedroom in one piece.
    They will have to get past my underlings first.
    Trying to fight me on my own terrain? They must be trying to kill themselves.
    I'll wait for them, armed to the teeth.
  • 12
    Your spouse...
    ... is only a cover for my *other* activities.
    ... is a mindless doll. Pretty, but not much else.
    ... is just another tool.
    ... died by my hands. It was an... accident.
    ... has developed a few quirks over the past few years. She jumps whenever I make a sudden move. Whatever did I do to make her so easily startled? Oh, now I remember. Good times...
  • 13
    Do people know your face?
    Yes. I would be offended if they did not.
    Possible. It matters little.
    Yes. It probably gives them nightmares.
    I sport a nice mask. Not only for anonymity, but also because it gives me the little *something*. I especially like the large grin.
    No. I'm just that good.
  • 14
    Your greatest feat yet...
    ... hacking the traffic lights of a major city and effecting car crashes to the melody of a well-known lullaby.
    ... was convincing the world I don't exist.
    ... will never be known to anybody except me.
    ... killing 37 heavily armed soldiers using only a knife.
    ... coming without any resources to a new metropolis and taking it over in 2 days flat.
  • 15
    Your weapon of choice?
    Sniper rifle. Precise, deadly and works from a safe distance.
    A backstabbing friend. So much fun to watch.
    Knife. Brings one so much closer to the bloodshed.
    A Tyrannosaurus Rex. With jet packs.
    Flamethrower. Accept no substitutes.

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