Does this guy like me?

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OK, so you like a guy, and you want to know if he likes you back? Are you just friends? Or is there something more...
This quiz should help you decide what to do next and give you some good advice! This quiz is pretty accurate, but it's up to YOU to make your own mind up about this guy!

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    So, you like this guy as more than a friend?
    I think he likes me, but I sort of like him.
    I don’t really like him: he likes me though.
    I do like him, but not a lot.
    We're close friends, and I was just wondering...
    YES! I really, really like him.

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Lover_Girl ( 87425 )
Posted 521 days ago
I took this test just because my neighbor that is kinda cute and is in my class seems like he likes me and I wanted to find out if that was right, I might have a little interest in him but hanging out with him, riding on his back, hiding in a bush{close together} in flashlight tag is kinda... Ok it IS fun... But I like my crush better and besides the dude I think that likes me, is my BFFs crush and she like lives him! #im-in_trouble!😁
Co39 ( 48438 )
Posted 528 days ago
So.. There is this boy in my class, and I suppose he has a crush on me but I'm not so sure............
nana ( 90707 )
Posted 533 days ago
hi i love him very much CUTE hes in my class , he always look at me , but we dont talk
Savannah S Smith ( 62670 )
Posted 536 days ago
I am a good girl
Dana P. ( 86205 )
Posted 540 days ago
I love this guy, but I only see him maximum twice a week. He's a year older, SUPER HOT, funny, and CUTE!
divya ( 67602 )
Posted 550 days ago
i like him and i think he likes me too we went to the same primary and secondary school too
he is so cute and hot
but iam not allowed to date so its rubbish but i would love to date him me and him have loads in common i sit next to him in one of my classes
anyone relate to that
thx allthetests
Natalia ( 69979 )
Posted 555 days ago
He has a crush.. but he doesn't talk to me about her, he only talks to his friends about her sometimes
Natalia ( 69979 )
Posted 555 days ago
I talk to him every morning at school sometimes, and it makes me feel bad when I can't talk to him very much
Natalia ( 69979 )
Posted 555 days ago
I do.. and I'm ashamed
Hope ( 35474 )
Posted 556 days ago
He told me he likes me then asked me out. But i said no since I'm not aloud to date. I want to know if he still likes me. I wish I didn't say no. He's soooo hot
be ( 91607 )
Posted 557 days ago
so i think he likes meeeeeee
hiiiiiii ( 91607 )
Posted 558 days ago
so my crush got told and a person i dont like knows it now she had told this guy that i use to date so im afraid now and one more thing my crush knows i like him now PLEASE HELP MEEEEE
hiiiiiiiiiii ( 91607 )
Posted 559 days ago
so i like this guy named nick.but here is the problem its my best friends brother i dont know if we should date or not? HELP ME PLEASEEEEE
be ( 91607 )
Posted 559 days ago
I dont like him but i think he likes me? people said he does i dont know if he really does!
Jemma ( 29737 )
Posted 573 days ago
He likes me I hell no like him=)-
Niki ( 76337 )
Posted 577 days ago
I don't like him, yet he likes me. And I'm already dating someone sooo-
Jennifer ( 07802 )
Posted 587 days ago
Jessie ( 08616 )
Posted 591 days ago
Soo... I really like this guy and I don't know if he likes me back, we have made quite a lot of eye contact and I have noticed him staring at me. I have also seen his younger brother staring at me and idk if it's because he knows his older brother likes me (if he likes me) I am really confused to weather or not he likes me PLEASEEE HELP MEEE!!!
I'm_confused_love ( 59007 )
Posted 592 days ago
I haven't got self confidence and think I'm ugly and fat. A friend of two guys said that they both fancy me and I'm not sure if he's of them is really cute and is always super kind to me and the other I haven't really spoken to. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth and if he is why the cute one would like me. As I'm not very similar to him. He's cute,hot,popular,charming and I'm fat I guess I'm not that uglyand a bit of a nerd. All my friends are much thinner and popular than me and he used to go out with one of my friends. I'm 12 at high school (uk) and haven't had a boyfriend what do I do
lau_cait ( 37683 )
Posted 597 days ago
So there's this guy named Tristin. I've liked him for a while now. He's tall with like dirty blonde hair and a lip piercing. He's really sweet and funny and I think he likes me... Every time we hang, he asks for a hug before I leave. Is that a good sign? He also stares into my eyes for long periods of time. He even winked at me today. Let me know what you guys think. :-)