Does this guy like me?

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OK, so you like a guy, and you want to know if he likes you back? Are you just friends? Or is there something more...
This quiz should help you decide what to do next and give you some good advice! This quiz is pretty accurate, but it's up to YOU to make your own mind up about this guy!

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    So, you like this guy as more than a friend?

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Anonymous (24725)
413 days ago
So basically there is this boy in my math class and I always see out of the corner of my eye him looking at me or my class work , does that mean he likes me ?
Secret (49725)
421 days ago
There's this boy in a few of my classes who I don't really talk to but recently he has randomly started saying hey to me and trying to have conversations. Does he like me ?
zyfi (73986)
424 days ago
Can someone help me please. Alright so I like this boy in my last bell and in my gym class and he asks 4 stuff and I liked him since the 1St day of schoo idk is he. My friend or a crush..
427 days ago
HELP! There's is a guy at my school who I only have 2 classes with. I don't really like him but I want to know if he likes me. In one class, he basically avoids me, and in the other, he sits next to me. When he sits next to me, he asks me a lot of questions about the schoolwork, and it seems that sometimes he acts dumb just to I will talk to him. Advice?
Dana Kelly (71239)
435 days ago
Overall being a girl is super hard right? agreed? I am totally crushing on a boy in the grade above me!!! HELP! Oh yeah, for Rihanna, this is TOTES Dork Diaries stuff right? Just remember, We have the WILLPOWER!
Sorry if that was cheesy!😊😊
Neonkay20 (50237)
435 days ago
So....there is this popular kid in my school (the populars) and sometimes in 7th hour we joke around like he likes this fgirl and he said he likes me (As a joke) but at the end of the day one of the girls in my grade said he ACTUALLY liked me and i think it's a prank but he was packing his backpack and it looked like he was blushing but i'm not popular and he is Advice???
Erynn (69065)
442 days ago
Here's my story:
There's this guy in my school named Ryan (I'll use his real name since Ryan is such a common name). I'm in year 7 and I've only recently moved into this school so I'm new.
For the first half of term 1 I didn't really pay much attention to him, but when one of my friends came up to me one day in the common room and told me that there was this guy who liked me. I asked her who and she said "sorry, I promised him I wouldn't tell".
Later on, I asked her "is it Ryan?" and she was like "no!" but all her friends were like giggling and pushing her. After a while, I realised Ryan was staring at me a lot. I asked her again and she gave up and just told me the truth; it was him.
One day in music class, I was with another few of my friends and we were playing truth or dare. I chose truth and my friend asked me whether I had any secret admirers. So of course, because we were playing truth or dare and he was my friend, i said yes. He asked who and I said "Ryan."
Later on in the week, since Ryan was in his form, he asked him: "Do you like Erynn?" and Ryan said he did like me.
By now I had developed a crush on Ryan and one day I just steeled my nerves and told him that I liked him. He told me that he liked me too and it got really awkward. Then he asked me why I liked him because a lot of people hate him. I just said "ur really kinda hot" and he said "u kinda hot too" and then it got more intense from there.
We built up a relationship in three months and we are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. We have kissed twice in school and everyone knows. My parents don't know him and his parents don't know me, so we're safe for now.
If you have actually read this entire comment, I just want to tell all you girls out there to have courage in yourself, because you're beautiful in your own special way, and nothing is going to change that. Also, nothing is impossible. I'm only 11 years old!
Cana (96418)
451 days ago
For the Help! Yes he does like you and I know because the same thing happened to me this guy liked me but he didn't say that and I always caolugbt him looking at me and the second I look at him he looks away, and if the boy doesn't like you then dont let that bother you, I bet your are an amazing girl and very pretty and if the guy doesn't see that then he's not the perfect guy you've been waiting for, but someday I know you will find the perfect guy for you.
Hoped this helped.
Help! (95347)
464 days ago
Hi so there's a guy at school who I really like and I don't know if he likes me back. I'm fairly sure he does but I can't be certain. He stares at me in class but when he sees me looking at him he looks away. We hugged in spin the bottle and he seemed to like it but you can never be sure cab your! Please tell me if he likes me based on what I told you! Thanks!
Advice pls (44906)
465 days ago
My crush, we'll call him P, always looks at me. I, of course, glance at him during classes and I always him he was looking at me and quickly turns away. Later, we meet eye contact and look at each other for a while. Everyone says that he likes me, but I'm not sure. We talk a lot during classes and mess around, inc. Throwing writing pens, paper, etc. We enjoy the same things. He is super nice and funny and we also have names for each other (I'm Penut and he's Turtle.) I'm still not convinced that he likes me though. If someone could give me advice than ty.
Just somebody (13668)
473 days ago
The beginning of is school year i met this boy in P.E. most people fonsidered him the anno one always dude alwaus saying something out of wack. I talked to him because my firends I've e in that class are friends with him. I tarted to notice that he always insulated or made a racist joke with someone execpt me. He never really said anything ad to me. In fact he ould often value my opinion and e would listen, not that i spoke much of course.
I further noticed that he knew my other friends and started hanging out with us, usually chips and exchange for carrots, and he as the me with his antics. We where both in our advisory class working and he as so nice. He didn't make a ad comment and i joked a bit and then e both walked to lunch with no problem. There was no rude jokes or annoying attitude people assocoated with him, it was an honest conversation. He asked me why o did what i did and i told hom and thenext day he asked me if i wanted to help him build this project outside of school upon the subject i love. He compliment me and ld me 'you're amazing at t you do. I couldn't think of anyone better to work with. You know what your doing and you know how to make it meaningful.'
It got me thinking. To me he wasn't rude or annoying. To me he was just a ce guy and though we disagree at times i think he talks to be because i know we won't always agree unlike our other friends who over argue their point, i see both.
I dont know if re is something but i couldn't help but think about it. Not to mention i was walking woth him and e walked me to my class and he grabbed my friend to the side and i heard 'crush' in the mix and he then looked at me. Maybe i dont know. I've never thought about it before, especially considering the boy is a grade below me but i cant help but catch up on something.
Sorry this is long.
Charitiee (00102)
480 days ago
If u lije him let me know so i can beat u up
I also like Lewis. Saldiver l hope he likes me i here
From aboy he said to that boy that he love me
Charitiee (00102)
480 days ago
I luve him his name is jermmy flores
eliza (20375)
484 days ago
braydon almost bumped into me at lunch
Develyn0 (18223)
514 days ago
well.....the 5th question is the opposite..kind of.....we both tell each other we like him he likes me
Rihanna (19540)
518 days ago
@eliza Dork diaries?
eliza (90229)
540 days ago
braydon is probally going to ask me to the school dance,and i think mackenzie is going to be so jelous because she wants braydon to ask her to the dance with him. My cousin danni thought i said i might kiss braydon,but i will not because in the book the fill in boyfriend hayden kisses gia montgomery.
Eliza (15759)
542 days ago
I ran into braydon at the football game two nights ago. I said hi braydon , and me and Braydon stared at each other.I can't stop thinking about Friday night.
eliza (13691)
544 days ago
i'm really close with braydons friends they like me, but in the two classes me and braydons friend nick have together nick always tells me not to talk to braydon, but nick knows i love braydon because four days ago me and braydon ended up wearing the same color.
unkown (73462)
585 days ago
well, I kinda like him and he likes me too but we didn't tell each other cause wel........we toooooo shy but the worst part is that his best friend is my ex and idont wanna create any problems ....I honesly don't know what to do ...I mean why is teemage life soo complicated ? any answers at all ??? I need someserious help and this quiz so aint helping me