Does your teacher hate you?

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Sometimes you feel so depressed when your teacher tells you off for something small like helping a friend. Trust me! I've been in the same situation before and sometimes it does really get you down. But does your teacher really hate you or does she just find you annoying?

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    Does he/she give you the "Evil Eye?"
    Never! She always smiles at me
    Sometimes. Only when I've done something stupid
    Yes! Really often!
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    How often do you get a detention or a white slip from him/her?
    Never. I always do what I'm told- when I'm told
    A few times when I haven't done my homework
    Really often. I'm friends with the head of the Senior Management (or detention room lady)
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    Do you arrive late at school often?
    Sometimes when I miss my bus
    Nah! I make sure I'm there early in the morning so I can grab hot chocolate from the tuck shop
    Yeah! Totally! I mean, it's not my fault I get so little sleep!
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    Do you hand in your homework early?
    Nah! I hand it in on the deadline
    No way! Normally I hand it in the week after
    Sometimes when I finish it in class
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    Do you distract people in class?
    Do you consider boasting about your new bike "distracting".....
    No. I prefer keeping my head down so I don't have to do it for homework
    Normally I talk to my friends when I need help
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    During your teacher's long, boring history lecture your friends around you are flicking around your rubber while you are (for once!) taking notes. Your teacher only looks up when you take it off them and put it away. He/she makes you stand up for the rest of the lesson. (Trust me! This has happened to me!: P)
    Only 100 times. And then when I tell her that it wasn't me she pulls me out of the classroom by my ear and makes me explain it to the principle!
    That never happens to me! My teacher doesn't jump to conclusions like that.
    Yeah! Once or twice but I told her that it wasn't me and she let me sit down.
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    Has your teacher ever caught you ONCE doing something you shouldn't and from the on jumped to conclusions that you are the troublemaker in your seating arrangement?
    A few times
    Yeah. I poked my friend with a pencil once and ever since I've been getting into trouble for things I'm not involved in
    Nah! I've never been told off by him/her really
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    Do you ever switch off in class completely?
    Only once in a while when I'm not learning anything
    Occasionally in subjects that are really boring
    Yeah! Who wants to learn that fire was discovered in the year..... ummm.........
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    Does he/she dislike you or do you dislike them?
    I think it's both ways
    I only dislike him/her because all my friends do
    What! I love being taught by him/her
  • 10
    Do you log onto Google often to find out ways to annoy your teacher?
    Yeah and I've tried them all and they work so well!
    Nah! I only use the computer for assignments (I shouldn't even be on here!)
    Sometimes for a laugh but I don't actually do them

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Some one ( 9.180 )
Posted 61 days ago
My teacher hates me , she always says I AM the reason for extra home work, even tho the entire time I did my work and stayed quiet!
Francis Victoria ( 2.216 )
Posted 71 days ago
My Biology Teacher Is Very Extra Ordinary He Is The Best
Victoria ( 2.216 )
Posted 71 days ago
I Love My Teacher Mr Ojo (biology Teacher)