How Much Do You Know About Twilight Character Jacob Black?

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I've got to admit, I am totally Team Jacob. So I decided to create this little quiz for all those who want to test their knowledge of Jacob Black. This is a medium level test. The standard Twilight fan might struggle a bit with some questions, but that's okay. Even Team Jacob members might have some trouble with it. But I'm sure you'll do fine.

I know this one isn't so perfect, but I was bored and wanted to share something with you guys.


  • 1
    Let's start by talking about the guy's family. Who was Jacob's mother?
    Alison Black
    Joy Black
    Susan Black
    Teresa Black
    Sarah Black
  • 2
    What tribe does Jacob belong to?
    Cold Ones
    La Push
  • 3
    How tall is Jacob in Twilight compared to Breaking Dawn?
    Feet = '
    Inches = ''
    T:6'8'' BD: almost 8'
    T: 5'6'' BD: 7'2'
    Twilight: 6'4'' Breaking Dawn: 6'9''
    T: taller than 6' BD: 7'8''
    T"6'2'' BD: 7'
  • 4
    Jacob's body temperature in New Moon and the following books (so his temp. as a werewolf in human form)
    Note: the temperatures are in Fahrenheit
  • 5
    Which of the following statements is not true about Jake's sisters?
    They are older than he is.
    Their names are Raven and Rebeсca
    They are twins.
    They don't live with Billy anymore.
  • 6
    In which of the following movies/ TV shows did Taylor Lautner (the actor who portrays Jake) not act/play a 'voice' in?
    Cheaper by the Dozen 2
    My Wife and Kids
    What's New, Scooby Doo
    Call Me Jenni
  • 7
    Why does Jacob become an Alpha?
    He wants to show Leah Clearwater who's boss
    He doesn't want to kill Bella's child, thus killing Bella, and so he creates his own pack
    He doesn't become an Alpha, he's sort of the Beta
    Emily wants Sam to quit the entire werewolf thing.
  • 8
    Which of the following quotes was from Jake and was in Breaking Dawn?
    I'm your slave for life.
    You'll hurt her. Let her go.
    I'll kill you myself.
    I don't have any leaches on my speed dial.
    I'd like to beat you dead.
  • 9
    Who of the following actors also played a wolf pack member in New Moon?
    Kieth Dedora
    Ulysses Manson
    Bronson Pelletier
    Ahron Derota
    Chad Lively
  • 10
    Jake is a ... when he first meets Bella
    8th grader

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