Theology Discipleship Quiz

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20 Questions - Developed by: Brian Montgomery - Developed on: - 7.240 taken

Test on your understanding of the material covered so far.

  • 1
    In it's simplest form, what is theology?
    The study of the Bible
    The study of God
    The study of religion
  • 2
    Why is God-centered theology important?
    It leads to godly living
    The more you know about God, the closer you are to God
    God can only use intelligent people
  • 3
    Finish this quote from the book of Hosea- "My people are destroyed from __________."
    Their sins
    Their idolatry
    Lack of knowledge
  • 4
    In what way does God want us to be like children in our theology? (see Luke 10:21)
    Be learners
    Don't worry about theology
    Be humble
  • 5
    In what way does God NOT want us to be like children in our theology? (see 1 Corinthians 14:20)
    He doesn't want us to be immature
    He doesn't want us to be reliant on Him all the time
    He doesn't want us to be submissive to authority
  • 6
    What is the authoritative revelation of God for Christians?
    The Bible
    What feels right
  • 7
    What does science tell us about God?
    That the Bible is false and evolution is true
    Everything is so detailed that it must have had a creator
    That the God of the Bible is the only true God
  • 8
    Someone prophesied over me and told me that God is going to make me rich. Is this Biblical?
    No, God never promises in the Bible that He will make us rich
    Yes, the Bible promises that God wants faithful believers to be rich
    No, the Bible says that prophesy has ceased
  • 9
    How can I trust that the Bible is from God?
    It claims that it is the Word of God
    The Bible is too consistent and perfect to have been written by man
    Because it feels right when you read it
  • 10
    What does the Bible say about the innocent man in Africa that dies without ever hearing the name of Jesus?
    He will go to heaven
    He will go to hell
    There is no innocent man in Africa
  • 11
    Which one of these views is the most Biblically supported?
    Man is corrupt and sinful, but God has given him free will to choose God
    Man is dead in his sin and unable to choose God of his own abilities
    Man is basically good, and Jesus came to set the example of living a good life
  • 12
    According to the Bible, does free will exist?
    Yes, we always have a choice
    No, we are slaves to sin and are therefore not free
    Yes, God has given us free will even though we are sinful
  • 13
    Does Calvinism say we don't have a choice?
    No, it says that God has given us the ability to choose life or death
    Yes, because God has already chosen who to condemn and who to save
    No, it says that apart from God we will always choose sin
  • 14
    If a non-Christian gives $1,000 to a homeless person, is that morally good or bad?
    Good- we should help the poor
    Bad- they didn't worship God when they gave to the poor
    Both- good in man's eyes, but bad because it wasn't done in faith to God
  • 15
    What makes a Christian righteous before God?
    Jesus takes their place and covers their sins
    They do enough good things that God approves of them
    They choose to give their life to Christ, and God forgives them
  • 16
    What is unconditional election?
    God choosing who will be saved, based on knowing who would first choose Him
    Man choosing to do good in order to be saved
    God choosing who will be saved, not based on any merit of man
  • 17
    What is the Biblical understanding of the word foreknowledge?
    God looking into the future and seeing who would choose Him
    God relationally and intimately knowing people before they are created (as Adam “knew” Eve)
    God orchestrating events in history so that people choose what He wants them to choose
  • 18
    Why did God reveal predestination to mankind?
    To let them know that He is in control, even though He allows us to have a choice
    To encourage Christians facing suffering and persecution
    So that we would stop trying to evangelize so much, and just let God do His thing
  • 19
    Isaiah 45:22 "Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth, for I am God, and there is no other." Does this passage prove predestination wrong?
    No, but it does prove unlimited atonement
    Yes, because it shows that God gave everyone the choice
    No, because it is not addressing the topic of predestination
  • 20
    If predestination is true, should we even share our faith?
    Yes, because God doesn't choose people until they choose Him
    Yes, because we don't know who is chosen, and God has commanded us to share our faith
    No, because God is going to save whoever He wants anyway

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