What Left 4 Dead Infected are you?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Jack Miles - Developed on: - 30.821 taken

Find out if you're a boomer, smoker, hunter, witch, or tank!

  • 1
    What are your tactics?
    Charging in and destroying things
    Vomiting on things
    Luring people to me then killing them
    Hiding in the shadows and tackling people for "hugs"
    Strangling people from far away
  • 2
    You've been shot what do you do?
    Tackle them and "give them a hug"
    Strangle the person
    Screech loudly and tear the person who shot me apart
    Flick them because I don't feel anything
  • 3
    You've been given a peace offering what is it?
    A new jaw
  • 4
    It's night time what do you do?
    Hide in the shadows
    Tongue Rape Survivors
    Vomit on things
    Same as in the day. Destroy everything
    Huddle up and cry
  • 5
    There's a single survivor in the open, it's a child, what do you do?
    Let them live if they find me some ciggys
    Kill them
    Hug them and whisper "I know how you feel"
    Vomit on them and let them get torn apart
    Take them under my wing... arm... Just teach them how to jump everywhere
  • 6
    A Hunter is flirting with you what do you do
    Laugh that it's seducing one of it's own
    Tongue rape
    Kill them
    Blow up
    Giggle and kiss them
  • 7
    A Survivor finds perfectly good ice cream. What do you do?
    Eat both things
    Take the ice cream and the survivor to a witch
    Kill the survivor and take the ice cream
    Kill the survivor
    Take the ice cream to a witch
  • 8
    Team Edward or Team Jacob
    Twilight's for fags and Gypsies
    Team Edward
    Whatever the witch says but I really hate it
    Destroy Twilight
  • 9
    A male survivor is flirting with you. What do you do?
    I must think on this one. Survivor means food but Flirting means sex...
    Sex... F*CK YEAH!
    Vomit on survivor
    Kill them
    Hug them and kiss them. I mean they do find me beautiful
  • 10
    So a Witch and a Hunter walk into a bar.....
    It better be funny
    I'll kill you B*tch
    I'd rather it be a Survivor and a Hunter walk into a bar
    *laughs to hard and explodes*

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