You know he's interested...right?

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Throughout time every woman has had difficulty at some point trying to figure out if the man they fancy feels the same about them. After years of studying body language I finally have the answers.

  • 1
    When he is in a crowd of people and he is speaking, what does he do when you approach?
    He nods at me.
    He watches me walk up and then keeps talking.
    Nothing, he keeps talking.
    He starts speaking to me, ignoring everyone else there.
  • 2
    Has he ever done/said something silly just to get you to laugh?
    Yes, but only when I am down.
    Every time I talk to him.
    His sense of humor is too dry for that.
    No, not really.
  • 3
    Has he ever expressed concern when you appeared sad?
    Yes, he seemed to care.
    No, but I didn't give him the chance to.
    Yes, but he knew why already.
    Not really.
  • 4
    Does he tease and joke with you?
    No, he only jokes with me.
    Yes, he is always teasing and joking with me.
    No, he doesn't tease me.
    Yes, but only once.
    He doesn't tease or joke with me.
  • 5
    Do his friends tease you sometimes?
    Not that I have noticed.
    Yes, but he told them to.
    Yes they do.
  • 6
    Has he ever defended you for any reason?
    No, but he should have.
    No, but I think he wanted to.
    Yes, but he was only kidding around.
    Yes, he did.
  • 7
    Look into his eyes. When he speaks to you is the pupil (black part of the eye) large or small?
    It's a small pinpoint.
    Large but I can still tell what color his eyes are.
    One eye is large the other is small.
    Huge I can barely tell what color his eyes are.
  • 8
    When he hugs you how does he do it?
    One arm around your neck.
    One arm but only touching your back.
    Both arms but loose.
    Both arms tightly.
    One arm only.
  • 9
    When someone is speaking to him does he look at them, you or alternate?
    He alternates.
    Them but he smiles at me every now and then.
    He starts looking at them but then looks at me.
    Me. But he nods at them.
  • 10
    Final Question: Does he seem nervous/fidgety when he's around you? Like he has just discovered he has arms and doesn't know what to do with them.
    No, he is perfectly calm.
    He is constantly moving and can't sit/stand still.
    Yes, but after a minute he stops.
    No, but he moves/shifts his legs a lot.

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