How much do you know about teen anorexia?

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This quiz tests your knowledge on a rising issue amongst fellow teens. Anorexia is becoming more and more common, and you are bound to learn about the signs and symptoms of anorexia, physical complications, and how you can help/support those suffering this illness

  • 1
    What is anorexia?
    A fungal disease
    A serious eating disorder characterized by excessive weight loss due to self-starvation
    When you over eat and gain a lot of weight
    When girls make themselves throw up in order to lose weight and look better
  • 2

    Anorexia is usually a consequence of...
    Food poisoning
    Underlying emotional issues
    Over eating
  • 3
    What are the warning signs of anorexia? (eating behaviors)
    Eats unhealthy, does not like vegetables, binges on food
    Skips meals, denies being hungry, shows anxiety before eating, binges on food then vomits it back up to remove calories from body
    Rude, cranky, mood swings
    Exercises too much, refuses to eat any junk food
  • 4
    What are the warning signs of anorexia? (Appearance, body image behaviors)
    Facial deformity, acne, fungal diseases
    Dramatic weight loss, obsessive fear of gaining weight, distorted body image, looks in mirror constantly
    Weight gain, self conscious, baggy clothes to "hide" weight
    Warts, skin growths
  • 5
    What are the warning signs of anorexia? (exercise behaviors)
    Average amount of exercise, maintains workouts
    Never exercises, lazes around, watches excessive amounts of TV etc.
    Maintains obsessive exercise regime, exercises with injury, works out excessively
  • 6
    What are some health consequences of anorexia?
    Skin damage, fungal infections, low immune system, poor eyesight
    Obesity, clogged arteries, slowed heart rate, hair loss, osteoporosis
    Cancer, possible death
    Weakness/muscle loss, dry hair and skin, osteoporosis, dehydration, possible death
  • 7
    Which age group is more likely to suffer from anorexia? (females)
  • 8
    What percentage of those with anorexia die?
  • 9
    Fill in missing words:

    People suffering from anorexia, even when dramatically _____, will see a distorted image when looking in the mirror and will see a very ______person.
    Thin, thin
    Fat, thin
    Thin, heavy
    Fat, fat
  • 10
    What percentage of anorexics suffer from osteoporosis (bone thinning)?
  • 11
    ___ out of___ out of every 10 person afflicted with anorexia will make a full recovery
    5 out of 10
    7 out of 10
    1 out of 10
    4 out of 10
  • 12
    Fill in the blanks:

    Anorexia appears more in the __________ and Hispanic female as opposed to the Black or _______ female.
    Caucasian, Asian
    Indian, Caucasian
    Asian, Indian
    European, Asian
  • 13
    Fill in the blanks:

    An anorexic patient will weigh ___% or more under the norm for their height and weight
  • 14
    Some causes of anorexia?
    Iron deficiency, mental illness/es, cancer
    Skin defects, genetic mutation, self conscious
    Genetic predisposition, chemical imbalance, history of a traumatic event, family disruption and/or dysfunction, self conscious
  • 15
    Have you learnt something new about anorexia, and do you feel more sensitive and supporting to those who suffer from it?
    Yes i learnt more, and support those who suffer from it
    No, and No

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