What elemental animal are you? (with pictures)

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Answer truthfully!

  • 1
    What color represents you? (NOT your favorite color!)
    Yellow; I am bright and there for you always
    Silver; I am rare and hyper
    Red; I am almost always angry and impulsive
    Ice Blue; I am a bit plain and can be mean
    Purple; I am dark and hurt, I don't have any friends or good feelings
  • 2
    What do you like/want to be, doing most?
    In my own place, at night, hunting for something or just gazing at the moon.
    Flying high, settling on clouds (if clouds were stable) and being free.
    Having a great time with friends and sharing laughs and jokes with them.
    Sitting by a warm fire, curled up in a den, a blanket wrapped around me.
    Playing in the snow and/or ice skating on a frozen lake, having fun by myself.
  • 3
    What element do you want to be, and why?
    Ice/Water, because it is flowing and soothing, yet strong as the waves.
    Dark, because it is hurtful and strong.
    Fire, because it is strong, powerful, and cuddly warm.
    Wind, because it is free and soft, yet can be harsh too.
    Light because it is... like me.
  • 4
    (Yes, there is no earth element in this quiz, sorry) Role-play: You are fighting some bad guy. He is about to win and you pull out a weapon, what is it?
    A fists.
    My finger-nails.
    Some kind of knife.
    Uh... a stick?
    A gun!
  • 5
    Role-play: So, you win the battle. On the way home you look into a magical weapon shop. What catches your eye?
    A bowl that makes poison potions.
    A pair of inferno claws that burns stuff.
    A bracelet that shoots ice beams.
    A necklace that changes the weather.
    A stick that lets me bend light rays.
  • 6
    Role-play: So you go into the shop, and decide you have enough money to buy a dagger. Which one do you get?
    A blue dagger made of un-melting ice.
    A red dagger that looks like it has flames on the sides.
    A silver dagger that is as strong as diamond.
    A black dagger that has a skull on it.
    A pastel dagger that won't cut me.
  • 7
    Role-play: So you buy the dagger and you are walking home when you find 20$. What do you do with it?
    I look to see if anyone dropped it. If not, I get it.
    I sigh and keep it if there is no one around to claim it.
    I pick it up, see if there is anyone around, and slip it into my pocket.
    I keep it and look for more...
    I keep it.
  • 8
    Role-play: So, someone sees you take the money and the come over to attack you. What is your fighting technique?
    I punch them a lot.
    I tell them I didn't mean to and run with the money.
    I use my off the chart awesome karate.
    I run.
    I fight back with my fingernails.
  • 9
    Role-play: So you are back safe at home. What does your house look like?
    A small, nice warm and comfy den that keeps intruders out, located in a town.
    A light house full of colors in a town near my friends, where I can easily reach shops.
    A nice house down by the beach that lets me go and swim and collect seashells.
    A dark log cabin in the middle of a forest where no one can bother me.
    A sturdy house up high on the mountains that keeps me protected.
  • 10
    Okay. Last question. You are...?
    ... What?
    I am sad.
    Last question already?
    I am....?
    I am hyper.

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