Are You Lesbian?

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Do you ever feel attracted to other girls? Do you feel nothing while in company of boys? If you answered yes to those questions take this quiz!

  • 1
    You see a woman with HUGE boobs bend over to pick up her pencil...
    Do you:
    Stare right down her shirt
    Walk the other direction
    Look for a second, but then look away
  • 2
    You're hanging out in a bar when a super sexy lady walks up to you saying she need a ride home. When you get in the car she rips of her shirt, revealing a VERY small leopard print bra.
    Run back to the bar and find a guy so you can all have a threesome
    Make out with her for a while, but then ask her to leave
    Throw her out of the car, what a slut!
    Rip all her clothes off and have sex with her right there, then go home and have sex there to
  • 3
    A pretty girl asks you out, you say:
    "OF COURSE! Let's go to a bar"
    "Sorry, but I'm not a retard."
  • 4
    A hot guy asks you to out with him
    No way
    Hell yeah!
    As long as I can bring my girlfriend
  • 5
    You are stuck in an elevator with a hot girl.
    Ask for her number
    Stare at her boobs
    Ask her for the time
    Try to do her right there
    Ignore her
  • 6
    An obviously drunk girl strips right in front of you and starts making out with you.
    Make out with her for a while, then get into a threesome with the guy next to you
    Take off your clothes to, it's about to get hot!
    Throw her off and find a drunk GUY to get funky with
  • 7
    Who's hottest?
    Tyra Banks
    George Clooney
    All of them!
    Brad Pitt
    Kate Moss
  • 8
    Guy or Girl?
    Girl every time
    Both, together
  • 9
    Girls are:
    Partners for life
    Good friends
  • 10
    Your fantasies include:
  • 11
    You are offered $1000 to have sex with a woman
    Heck I'll do that for free!
    Make it $1,000,000!
    Maybe for $500
  • 12
    Your girl best friend admits they're in love with you and tries to make out with you
    Push them away, and never talk to them again
    Rip her clothes off, sparks are gonna fly tonight!
    Make out with her for a while but don't take it any further
  • 13
    Favourite singer?
    None of the above
    Lady Gaga
    Justin Bieber
    Miley Cirus
  • 14
    Favourite color?
    Bright, cheerful colors
    Dark pastels
    A mix
  • 15
    Sexiest thing about people?
  • 16
    A guy walks over and invites you to come back to "his place"
    Sure why not
    Rip off his clothes, why should you wait?
    No way, I go for girls
    Heck yeah

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Mekenze ( 33441 )
Posted 160 days ago
What is bisexual dose it mean i like both sexes or what?🤔
Blablabla ( 93182 )
Posted 267 days ago
10 trans and lez haven't come out to it with family
Person ( 09996 )
Posted 311 days ago
This quiz is so 💗
Alice ( 20872 )
Posted 386 days ago
This seems like if ur bi that you'll eventually be straight or lesbian. Or that it's a phase. Or a little push. I'm bi, and I don't need a push to be lesbian or straight. Yes I've made up my mind that im bi. I'm just saying I hate when people say it's just a phase or u haven't decided yet. Or here just alittle push.
Rayan ( 01660 )
Posted 403 days ago
this is my second comment

I have taken this test multiple times and gotten all of the possible answers, it's 💗, If it determines that you're straight, it says "Congrats! You're straight! You are into men 100% all the way!" Congrats??? 💗??? congrats?? YOU F!U!C!K!I!N!G A!S!S!H!O!L!E!!!!! YOU HOMOPHOBIC A!S!S!H!O!L!E!!! 💗 IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!

And if i put in all of the (stereotypical) lesbian answers, IT SAYS BI! AND NOT ONLY DOES IT SAY BI, IT SAYS "All it takes is one little push to become straight or lesbian, the choice is yours!!!
Rayan ( 01660 )
Posted 403 days ago
I know I'm lesbian, also I'm demisexual, and It pisses me off that the majority of these questions are based around sex, If I was older I'd even have [BEEP] with my ex! (I'm 12) Not only is she beautiful, smart and funny, but I also have A really good relationship with her! even after we split up (she's an A cup)
Also, a lot of these questions are based around 💗! I don't care about your 💗! if I was interested in you sexually (which I rarely am so be happy if you're In that position) It would be because of your face and your brain not your 💗!
Nobody ( 14016 )
Posted 423 days ago
The second beep is poop idk y it beeped it out
Nobody ( 14016 )
Posted 423 days ago
I am ten and lez I am not old enough to have 💗 and my friends are also too young so tough luck any of this 💗 happening
💗 ( 32793 )
Posted 493 days ago
'Well you're bi-sexual. All it takes is on little push to become straight or lesbian, the choice is yours!'
You can't choose who you are attracted to, dumb 💗. Also, please correct the grammar mistakes. I was cringing the whole way through! :/