Are You Lesbian?

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Do you ever feel attracted to other girls? Do you feel nothing while in company of boys? If you answered yes to those questions take this quiz!

  • 1
    You see a woman with HUGE boobs bend over to pick up her pencil...
    Do you:
    Walk the other direction
    Stare right down her shirt
    Look for a second, but then look away
  • 2
    You're hanging out in a bar when a super sexy lady walks up to you saying she need a ride home. When you get in the car she rips of her shirt, revealing a VERY small leopard print bra.
    Make out with her for a while, but then ask her to leave
    Run back to the bar and find a guy so you can all have a threesome
    Throw her out of the car, what a slut!
    Rip all her clothes off and have sex with her right there, then go home and have sex there to
  • 3
    A pretty girl asks you out, you say:
    "Sorry, but I'm not a retard."
    "OF COURSE! Let's go to a bar"
  • 4
    A hot guy asks you to out with him
    As long as I can bring my girlfriend
    No way
    Hell yeah!
  • 5
    You are stuck in an elevator with a hot girl.
    Stare at her boobs
    Try to do her right there
    Ignore her
    Ask for her number
    Ask her for the time
  • 6
    An obviously drunk girl strips right in front of you and starts making out with you.
    Take off your clothes to, it's about to get hot!
    Make out with her for a while, then get into a threesome with the guy next to you
    Throw her off and find a drunk GUY to get funky with
  • 7
    Who's hottest?
    Tyra Banks
    Kate Moss
    Brad Pitt
    All of them!
    George Clooney
  • 8
    Guy or Girl?
    Both, together
    Girl every time
  • 9
    Girls are:
    Partners for life
    Good friends
  • 10
    Your fantasies include:
  • 11
    You are offered $1000 to have sex with a woman
    Heck I'll do that for free!
    Make it $1,000,000!
    Maybe for $500
  • 12
    Your girl best friend admits they're in love with you and tries to make out with you
    Make out with her for a while but don't take it any further
    Push them away, and never talk to them again
    Rip her clothes off, sparks are gonna fly tonight!
  • 13
    Favourite singer?
    Lady Gaga
    None of the above
    Justin Bieber
    Miley Cirus
  • 14
    Favourite color?
    Bright, cheerful colors
    Dark pastels
    A mix
  • 15
    Sexiest thing about people?
  • 16
    A guy walks over and invites you to come back to "his place"
    Rip off his clothes, why should you wait?
    No way, I go for girls
    Heck yeah
    Sure why not