ELEMENTAL POWERS (what element are you?)

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The 4 basic elements of water, earth, fire, air.

Take the test to see what your closer to...

  • 1
    At home if someone starts yelling at you what do you do?
    Start yelling back at the person
    Stay calm and try to calm them down
    Listen to them but not saying anything
    Walk away or just ignore them
  • 2
    What do you do in your spare time?
    Make plans or play war or puzzle games
    Read to get away from it all
    Explore/go out with friends
    Stare at the clouds or relax
  • 3
    How do you make friends?
    Think about what use the person has to you and think if you need them but not talk to them
    Say hello and ask about the person
    Say hello and try to find things you have in common
    Try to show off
  • 4
    What place do you fit in with your friends?
    Peace keeper or wanderer
    Crafter or designer
    Leader or assistance
    Joker or organizer
  • 5
    If you were playing tag (one persons it who ever they tag is "it") what would you do if you were running away from the person who's "it"
    Keep cool and keep a low profile
    Move only if you have to because the person is moving closer to you
    Keep your distance and keep out of sight
    Taunt them and show off
  • 6
    How organized are you?
    I normally put things in order
    I'm not I'm quite messy
    Nothing moves from its place unless I need it then it goes back to its set place
    Most of the time I have a order but I tend to lose things
  • 7
    If you could be in a place in the world where would you be?
    In a cool place shady like an island
    Hot climate and a lot of colour
    Near the sea or close to a lake
  • 8
    What word out of these do you like?
  • 9
    What would you wish for if you could have something in the world
    Just to see the path ahead clearly
  • 10
    What do you think your like? (be honest)
    Hold you ground
  • 11
    How do other people see you?

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Zane ( 159.4 )
Posted 184 days ago
Can you make make a quiz to see if I have and elemental power and tell me what it is please.
marium ( 42.82 )
Posted 201 days ago
I have no message comments.my elemental powers comments me