The Quizzical Quiz of Quizzing

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You see a lot of quizzes out there. Some are better than others. But, have you ever seen a quiz ABOUT QUIZZES? Have you made a quiz? Would you be good at making a quiz? Take THIS quiz to find out.:)

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    What type of quizzes do you like to take?
    The FUN quizzes! So random. X D
    Trivia, or relationship ones.
    Personality quizzes. Some are accurate...but I hate those that are way off.
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    How long should a quiz be, if you made one?
    3 to 5. I'd get bored, and it's not like it matters!
    5 to 10 questions. I'd run out of ideas, and I don't want it to be too long.
    At least 10 questions. Probably 15 or more if I can. The more questions, the more accurate the results will be.
  • 3
    What subjects would your questions be about, for say, a Personality quiz?
    1. Favorite color 2. Number of friends 3. Opinions 4. Favorite activities 5. Expected result 6. Did you like this quiz?
    1. Favorite color 2. favorite class 3. Social life 4. Life scenario 5. Clothes preference 6. Personal idea of self 7. Outlook on life 8. Favorite activities 9. Favorite place 10. It depends on what the quiz is about.
    1. Favorite color 2. Expected result 3. Did you like this quiz 4. Will you rate this quiz 5 stars
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    Why would you make a quiz?
    Because I need to kill a few minutes, so, yeah...
    I'd have a good idea, so I would go with it.
    I didn't like the other quizzes on a certain topic. Either too easy questions, or predictable, inaccurate, or no other quizzes.
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    What is the purpose of a quiz?
    Just because they're fun!
    It's a good way to kill time, but you can learn a bit too.
    To see what the maker of the quiz thinks your answers mean. Or to see how well you know a certain topic.
  • 6
    What do you think would be the hardest part of making a quiz?
    To keep up with questions that are relevant.
    Making sure all the answers would fit to a lot of people.
    What's so hard about it? A few questions and I'm done!
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    Why did you think you should take this quiz?
    Because I'm, like, super awesome at making quizzes.
    Because I want to see how well my methods work.
    I could use a bit of help, and there is no other quiz about quizzing! X D
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    What bothers you most about some quizzes you have taken?
    They get too long! Or the results are super long and boring!
    The results were way off for some...
    That all of the answers are complete nonsense, spelling errors, shortness, pathetically obvious results.
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    What do you think is important in life?(Yes, this is related to the results)
    Knowledge and understanding.
    Having a lot of fun!
    Living life to the fullest.
  • 10
    Do you think this quiz will help you at all?
    If proper time was put into it, then possibly. If I have some flaws in my quiz making skills.
    Maybe. I'm thinking about making some quizzes, but a bit of advice couldn't hurt.
    I doubt I really need help, and besides, I'm not going to listen to the results if they criticize me!

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