Harry Potter Obsession

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How obsessed are you? This quiz is hard. But, to quote Sir Cadogan "Be stout of heart, the worst is yet to come!" by the way, I've bewitched your keyboard with an anti-cheating charm, so don't consult the books. Email me what you get at hpataclick@gmail.com if you want.

  • 1
    Welcome to the magical world. You entered into Diagon Alley through a brick wall, then went down to Gringotts. In the book, it never mentions the number of Harry's vault. However, in the movie it does. Which vault is Harry's (according to Steve Kloves at least)?
  • 2
    Now you've got your money, let's go to see some shops. You see Percy Weasley engrossed in a book in a used book store. What was that book called (Chamber)?
    How I Got To Be Minister: The Autobiography of Cornelius Fudge
    Head Boy to Head Honcho
    The Wizarding Power Structure
    Prefects Who Gained Power
    Magical Politics
  • 3
    Now off to Hogwarts. You meet your least favorite teacher here... Severus Snape. What does Severus mean in Latin (I know half of you are opening up a new tab to look it up right now. *sigh* please don't)?
  • 4
    Speaking of Potions, Which of these is not in the poly juice potion?
    Star Grass
    Boomslang Skin
    Bicorn Horn
  • 5
    Moving on... What spell, used only in Goblet of Fire, allows the user to tell which direction is north (incantation please, even though it is referred to as the four point spell, that isn't what I'm looking for)?
    Point Me!
    Show Me the Way!
  • 6
    What does Albus Dumbledore mean (hint: The two names are in different languages. Albus is Latin and Dumbledore is old English)?
    Insane One
    Masterful Sorcerer
    White Wizard
    Piercing Stare
    White Bumblebee
  • 7
    Continuing with Etymology, why is Harry's cousin named Dudley?
    It is a town in America, which J.K. Rowling associates with stupidity.
    It is a town in Northern Ireland
    It is a town in England.
    It is a town in Wales
    It is a town in Scotland
  • 8
    So if you seek beneath our floors
    A vessel to sail to distant shores
    A treasure that was never yours
    A champion, to win your laurels
  • 9
    OK, that last question sucked (by the way, it was the poem from the Gringotts doors). But try this one: Which of the following people's portrait is hanging inside the Dangerous Dai Llewyn Ward at Saint Mungo's?
    Dilys Derwent
    Um... Dangerous Dai Llewyn, Duh!
    Arsenius Jigger
    Mungo Bonham
    Urquhart Rackharrow
  • 10
    Alright, so not technically Harry Potter. This is from The Tales of Beedle the Bard. In (my favorite story) the fountain of fair fortune, which of the following does not enter the garden?
    Sir Luckless

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