Harry Potter Quiz by Katie

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HP quiz!

  • 1
    Dumbledore is eating what candy at the beginning of The Sorcerer's Stone?
    Jelly beans
    Cauldron cakes
    Pumpkin pasties
    Lemon drops
    Acid pops
  • 2
    One clue to the monster in the chamber being a basilisk is:
    Aragog saying spiders don't speak of it
    The library doesn't have any books on it
    The centaurs won't answer questions about it
    Qudditch is cancelled
  • 3
    In the Prisoner of Azkaban who works hard to win Buckbeak's appeal?
  • 4
    How many muggles do the Death Eaters hold in the air at the Qudditch World Cup?
  • 5
    After making a funny comment to Umbridge who Harry sees this person with a bloody hand:
    Dean Thomas
    Ginny Weasley
    Fred and George Weasley
    Lee Jordan
  • 6
    Name the password to Dumbledore's office that is given in the "P.S." part of the note to Harry.
    Acid pops
    Lemon drops
    Cauldron cakes
    Chocolate frogs
  • 7
    Who kills Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter?
    The Gray Lady
    Salazar Slytherin
    Lucius Malfoy
    Tom Riddle
    The Bloody Baron
  • 8
    In The Goblet of Fire Mr. Crouch's body is transformed into a:
  • 9
    "We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter's the one,
    And Voldy's gone moldy, so now let's have fun!"
    Bellatrix (in mockery)
    George (in good humor)
    Ron (being Ron:))
    Peeves (in celebration)
  • 10
    Why doesn't Professor McGonagall's tabby cat transfiguration get it's usual applause?
    Professor Trelawney predicted Harry's death
    They are too nervous about the Chamber of Secrets
    Sirius Black was spotted near Ron's bed the night before
    Three people have been petrified
  • 11
    All of the following info is on Dumbledore's chocolate frog card EXCEPT:
    Order of Merlin first class
    Inventor of the deluminator
    Grindelwald defeat
    Work with Nicholas Flamel
    Discovery of uses of dragon blood
  • 12
    Chapter 23 of The Deathly Hallows is
    The Final Hiding Place
    Malfoy Manor
    The Sacking of Severus Snape
    The Shell Cottage
  • 13
    The Lost Diadem of Ravencalw is hidden in:
    Ravenclaw tower
    The room of requirement
    Forbidden forest
  • 14
    The last chapter of book six is:
    After the burial
    Owl post again
    The white tomb
    The second war begins
  • 15
    Lucius Malfoy's wand is:
    Elm and dragon heart string
    Oak and dragon heart string
    Fink and unicorn
    Pine and centaur tail

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