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All about the sweetest couple in Friends.

  • 1
    When Monica was upset at Ross's wedding because a drunk called her Ross's mother, how did Chandler console her?
    He told her "he's crazy, he came to me earlier and thank me for my very moving performance in Titanic"
    He told her "he's drunk, he came to me earlier and thank me for my very moving performance in Romeo and Juliet."
    He said "you're the most beautiful woman I've ever known." then hugged her.
    He said to her, "you're the most beautiful woman in this room." then kissed her.
  • 2
    Who almost discovered Monica & Chandler when they first slept together?
    Rachel & Ross
    Joey & Ross
    Rachel & Joey
  • 3
    After Ross's wedding to Emily, what movie did Monica and Chandler claim to be watching at the hotel when Joey came to the room with the bridesmaid?
    The Giant
    Your Giant
    My Giant
    Big Giant
    Huge Giant
  • 4
    What is the order of the other friends finding out about Monica & Chandler?
    Rachel - Phoebe - Joey - Ross
    Phoebe - Joey - Rachel - Ross
    Joey - Rachel - Phoebe - Ross
    Joey - Phoebe - Rachel - Ross
    Rachel - Joey - Phoebe - Ross
  • 5
    What weird fetish did Monica think Chandler had?
  • 6
    What number almost caused Monica & Chandler to get married?
  • 7
    Which "signs of marriage" did not appear in the episode "the one after Vegas"?
    Monica & Chandler said "I do" at the same time
    A priest in an elevator
    Chandler carrying Monica across a threshold
    Monica catching a thrown flower bouquet
  • 8
    In the episode "The One That Could Have Been", what did Chandler say to convince Monica to be with him?
    I like you a lot, please be with me
    You shouldn't be with him... you should be with me
    He's not good enough for you. You should be with a guy... like me
    You should be with someone who cares for you, someone like me
  • 9
    How did Rachel found out about Chandler & Monica?
    She overheard them talking about "laundry" in Chandler's room
    She overheard them talking on the phone about "laundry"
    She overheard them talking about "dry-cleaning" in Chandler's room
    She overheard them talking about "laundry" in Monica's room
    She overheard them on the phone about "dry-cleaning"
  • 10
    What was Phoebe's reaction when she first found out about Chandler & Monica?
    "OH! OH! Chandler & Monica (3X)! OH MY EYES (2X)! CHANDLER & MONICA!"
    "CHANDLER & MONICA! NO, I'm blind, I'm blind! I'M BLIND!"
    "NO, no! It's Chandler & Monica! I can't see! I CAN'T SEE!"
  • 11
    When did Chandler first admit willingly to Monica that he loved her?
    He admitted when Joey found out
    When Monica cheered him up with a turkey as her head
    He told her on the phone which was overheard by Rachel
    After admitting defeat from Phoebe & Rachel's skit about phoebe liking chandler
    At Vegas
  • 12
    Who wanted to be the one to ordain Monica & Chandler's wedding?
    Phoebe & Rachel
    Joey & Ross
    Joey & Phoebe
    Phoebe & Ross & Joey
  • 13
    How did Chandler write his very moving vow?
    Monica wrote it for him
    He stole Monica's & changed the names
    He got help from a guide book
    He wrote from the heart
    He didn't. His vow is actually full of jokes & very funny
  • 14
    What are the names of the twins Monica & Chandler adopted?
    John & Judy
    Jack & Judy
    John & Erica
    Jack & Erica
  • 15
    What was in the secret closet that Monica always kept locked?
    Her junks that does not fit anywhere
    Her things from when she was fat
    Bugs, bugs and bugs
  • 16
    What did Monica dress Chandler as for Halloween?
    Bugs Bunny
    Pink bunny
    Easter Bunny
    Velveteen Rabbit
  • 17
    At the buffet in London, Monica blames London for them hooking up, what was Chandler's reaction to that?
    "Bad London!"
    "Damn London!"
    "Stupid London!"
    "Dumb London!"
  • 18
    Chandler & Monica planned to hook up in a wine cellar, why didn't they?
    Monica ended up tidying the disorderly wine cellar
    Some couple took all the space
    They were interrupted by Joey
    Joey and the bridesmaid were already there
    There was a tour conducted in the wine cellar
  • 19
    What did Chandler saw and bought at the gift shop that calmed him down and gave him courage to go through the wedding?
    A tiny baby outfit
    A pair of tiny baby socks
    A funny baby rattle
    A cute pacifier
    A pair of tiny shoes
  • 20
    In season 5, Monica found out the reason why Chandler's past relationships were all short-lived. What was it?
    He keeps finding petty reasons to break up with girls
    He broke up with his past girlfriends whenever they had a fight
    He turned them off with his jokes
    He got too scared of relationships and commitment

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