Does he like me quiz? Very accurate!(GIRLS ONLY)

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Having trouble finding out if he likes you take this very accurate quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Does he know you exist?
    Yes, Were friends
    I don't know
  • 2
    Are you friends?
    Sort of.......
    I guess
  • 3
    How long have you know them?
    Just met
    A few months
    A few weeks
    A year
    Since we were babies
  • 4
    Do You think he likes you? Be honest
    I don't think so but I guess there's a chance
    Maybe...... I'm not positive
    I don't know. THAT'S WHY I'M TAKING THIS QUIZ!
    Yes totally
  • 5
    When you talk who starts the convo?
    It's 50/50
  • 6
    What do you talk about?
    What ever we feel like. I can talk about almost anything with him.
    We don't talk
    Each other
  • 7
    Do his friends like you?
    I don't know his friends
    I guess
    They HATE me
    Ya I'm friends with them
  • 8
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    Yes, they really like each other:(
    Yes, they're not happy though
    Yes, but it's long distance
  • 9
    Has he......
    Held your hand
    Touched you
    Hugged you
    None of the above:(
    Kissed you
  • 10
    Do you.....?
    Call each other
    None of the above
    Chat on-line
  • 11
    On a scale of 1-5 how much do you like him? 5 being in love
    I'm in LOVE
    I don't like him at all
  • 12
    When you talk he...
    Ignores you
    Seems unfocused
    Looks at me just not into my eyes
    Listens but doesn't look directly at you
    Looks you in the eyes
  • 13
    Does he ever tease you?
    He doesn't know me
    Yes, and it's really mean
    Yes sometimes, only if I'm laughing
  • 14
    Which of these best describes him?
    Kind, nice to everyone
    An average every day person
    A little shy around girls
  • 15
    Is he open and honest to you?
    Yes, he tells me EVERYTHING
  • 16
    Does he ever complement you?
    No never
    Sometimes more times then not
    Yes on everything
  • 17
    If you hugged him he would?
    Hug back
    Get out of the hug
    Push you and run away
    Just stand there
  • 18
    How much do you have in common?
    A bit
    One or two thing
    A lot
    I don't know
  • 19
    If you asked him to do something for you would he do it?
    I guess
  • 20
    Was this helpful? Does not count towards score.
    Yes a lot
    A bit
    Not at all

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lilywarriorgirl.101 ( 43546 )
Posted 21 days ago
It says he likes me alot but the thing is him and his ex broke up recently and when she got in a car accident he cried and tolled me she was the love of his life sooooooooooooooooooooooo................ .......
im in love ( 66983 )
Posted 21 days ago
there's this guy I like that I've known for a year and he shows a lot of signs (although I'm not sure if it's just his personality) anyway I want to ask him out but we're pretty good friends and I'm scared hell say no and we wont be friends :( anyway is there a way I could ask him out? in a way where I could be like "lol no I don't like you were just friends" if he says no
lvnarieger ( 48917 )
Posted 21 days ago
there’s this boy in my year and we’re kinda close, we’ve know each other for 2 years but i only started liking him last month. my guy best friend, who also happens to be his best friend, knows i like him and has been trying to encourage me to ask him out but then tells me how my crush and his crush are getting along really well. my guy best friend keeps sending me mixed signals on whether he likes me or not so it’s making me really confused because at one point he’s telling me how there’s something between us and then the next he’s telling me about his apparent crush. HELP😭
Glory ( 61894 )
Posted 21 days ago
Dont Know If He Likes Me Again
IDK ( 86866 )
Posted 21 days ago
Girl who wants boy, okayyyy, it seems that your crush likes you a lot. So i would say go for it and ask him out. What's the worst thing that can happen? He rejects you, but then you can just go eat some ice cream and all will be fine. SO GO FOR IT AND TELL ME HOW IT GOESSSS
Girl who wants boy ( 19581 )
Posted 21 days ago
There is this cute boy in my in only ONE of my classes. He sits away from me and always take quick glances and smiles. We know each other pretty well even tho we've only known each other for a year and we like the same football team! Go Packers! One time on purpose I walked into him hoping his books would fall and I just dropped mine. He turned around and smiles and picks up my books. He's also always nudging me in the hallway. I dunno if I should ask him or he just likes me as a friends!!! Help me plz!
Katie ( 61491 )
Posted 22 days ago
I like this guy we talk on the phone and text everyday we get along I ask him if he wanted to hang out and he said Itvdependes on what it is so it wasn't a no so I think that is a good sign or he just wants to hang out as friends I am still confused but I really like him 😍
Chesstaco ( 84880 )
Posted 22 days ago
i like him and he likes me and another girl. He’s a hardcore player and I don’t want to say yes to dating him cus I feel like he’ll like another girl.
Tt300 ( 54939 )
Posted 22 days ago
YAY!!!!!!!!!! He likes me ALOT
Cat ( 68166 )
Posted 22 days ago
To Forever
I'm probably giving up like I said so I'm not coming back so bai
15 Forever ( 67542 )
Posted 22 days ago
Why is my number keep changing :o?
15 Forever ( 67542 )
Posted 22 days ago
Congrats for Tessa4Eva:D!
And Cat: how it's doing :)?Tomorrow school days so i'm not update for awhile :( Good Luck :D!
X.Rihannaaaa.X ( 43734 )
Posted 22 days ago
Been waiting for your comment glad I could help girllll x I swear since I have been on this site I check it every half hour xxx Its addicting lol😂
Tessa4Eva ( 43734 )
Posted 22 days ago
Asked him out!!! He said yes!!! This is the best day of my life!! I love him sfm!!! I’m going to meet him in our secret hollow now!! Thank you sooobmuch!!! I love him so much he is so hot and perfect and cute xxx
X.Rihannaaaa.X ( 43734 )
Posted 22 days ago
Ask him out there is like 0.0000001% that he’ll say no 😂 Kiss him and see what happens!! Considering he kissed u for like ages I think he rlly likes you! I mean he wouldn’t kiss you for no reason if he didnt think u were hot!! Ask him out on text if ur nervous😏 Good luck girllllx
Tessa4Eva ( 43734 )
Posted 22 days ago
There is this guy who stares at me in class and always tries to sit near me or be my partner. All of his friends make fun of him so it’s real obvs he likes me. The other day he made a move on me and kissed me for ages near the hill and it lasted a while. Shall I ask him out??? X
Cat ( 68166 )
Posted 22 days ago
Thanks Forver, now that my problem is so.ved I shall go now
15 Forever ( 99607 )
Posted 23 days ago
I also have my own problems myself :) (Love problems :/)
Good luck out there GIRLS >:D!
15 Forever ( 99607 )
Posted 23 days ago
To Cat,
I'm so sorry Cat :'(But... if he want it like that,let him...because that what's make him happy...And Cat,just go with the flow and see what's happened!we Will never knew What future hold us!Good Luck:D!
Hope i help
Kirsty😜 ( 87483 )
Posted 23 days ago
To Katie
I am literally 99.9% sure he likes you!!! Don't waste your chance you should totally ask him out m. I was just texting my crush and I'm PRETTY sure he likes me if you ask him out I'll ask mine out

As long as he is super sweet and you have something to build your relationship on (and he makes you feel super special). you have such a good chance at getting him don't let it slip away!! Good luck!!!