The Westing Game Character Quiz

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This quiz is about all of the characters (except Mrs. Theodorakis) in the book The Westing Game. It's difficult!

  • 1
    What is a detail of the outfit Barney Northrup wore the day he showed the Wexlers their apartment?
    A faded, tiger-striped tie
    Blue suede shoes
    A hand-painted tie
    A brown fedora
  • 2
    What are two words that Grace Windsor Wexler use to describe Sydelle Pulaski?
    (on different occasions)
    Ghastly and a freak
    Repulsive and unfortunate
    Hideous and tacky
    Strange and unpleasant
  • 3
    What does Dr. Jake Wexler find on Crow's foot?
    A bunion
    A corn
    A long gash
    A bruise
  • 4
    What injury does Sydelle Pulaski receive after the bomb goes off in Mr. Hoo's restaurant?
    An ankle fracture
    A knee fracture
    Her secret is discovered
    A wrist fracture
  • 5
    What word does the author use to describe James Shin Hoo's stomach?
  • 6
    What is Sandy (as in McSouthers) short for?
  • 7
    What is Theo Theodorakis good at? (easy)
    Making coffee
  • 8
    What is George Theodorakis's Westing connection?
    Doesn't have one
    Almost husband of Violet-but she drowned
    Was once her escort to a party
    Old lover of Violet Westing
  • 9
    What is one (mentioned) thing that Doug Hoo can't spell?
  • 10
    When Madame Hoo serves food at Angela's bridal shower, what does she have to wear?
    A slinky Chinese dress
    A kimono
    A maid-like outfit
    Whatever Mr. Hoo picks out
  • 11
    In Judge Ford and Sandy McSouthers' heir info, what is Otis Amber's IQ?
  • 12
    In the future, what does Turtle call herself? (when she was in the business world and all)
    T. Ruth Wexler
    Alice Wexler
    Turtle Wexler
    T. R. Wexler
  • 13
    If Angela had really tried, what would her career have been? (and was, at the end of the book)
    An interior decorator
    A doctor
    A teacher
    A lawyer
  • 14
    What is the name of the future (and at the end, just name) daughter of Angela and Dr. D. Denton Deere?
    Berthe Erica
  • 15
    What does Turtle call Flora Baumbach after the time when she was calling for Mrs. Baumbach and someone thought she was yelling "Bomb! Bomb!"
    Mrs. Baumbach
    Mrs. Baba
  • 16
    What is one thing that Berthe Erica Crow give half of her inheritance money to?
    Angela Wexler
    Theo Theodorakis
    Christos Theodorakis
    Turtle Wexler
  • 17
    What was the first name of Judge J.J. Ford's father?
  • 18
    What is Julian R. Eastman's job at Westing Paper Products?
    Witness to the will
    Common worker
    Vice president
    President/chief executive officer
  • 19
    What is part of Sidney Sikes's occupation?
    Executor for Sam Westing's will
    Coroner of Westing county
    Witness for the Westing will
    Friend of Sam Westing
  • 20
    What is an interesting thing about Edgar J. Plum and Sam Westing?
    He' s the executor for Sam Westing
    Plum has never met Westing
    He's a lawyer
  • 21
    What is an interesting thing about Edgar J. Plum and Sam Westing?
    He's a lawyer
    He's the executor for Westing's will
    Plum has never met Westing
    Judge Ford thinks he's incompetent
  • 22
    At what age was Sam Westing orphaned?
    Age 13
    Age 12
    Age 10
    Age 11

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