Are You Ready?

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Are you ready for the world?

  • 1
    Are you in or did you go to school?
    I did but dropped out
  • 2
    Have you learned self defense?
    Yes, but not so good
    Yes, and good with it
    Yes, and perfected
  • 3
    Do you have friends? If so, how many?
    10+ friends
    6-9 friends
    1-2 friends
    No friends
    3-5 friends
  • 4
    What do you think of your family?
    I do not care about them
    I have no family anymore
    I am fine with them
    They are horrible and I hate them
    They are helpful and caring
  • 5
    Have you been bullied and dealt with it?
    I have been bullied and told a trustworthy friend/adult
    I have been bullied and fought back fiercely
    I have been bullied and used self defense
    I have been bullied and have not dealt with it
    I have never been bullied
  • 6
    Which environment do you like best?
    Outside, sunshine, and nature
    Outside, nighttime, and rain
  • 7
    What is your body weight?
  • 8
    Do you enjoy learning?
    No, not at all
    Yes, very much
    No, but it is okay
    Yes, but not as much
  • 9
    Are you good at running?
    I am okay at running
    Yes, I run like a master, very fast and long
    No, I am not good at running
    Yes, I am great at running
    No, I cannot run
  • 10
    Are you happy with yourself?
    I do not like myself
    I am happy with myself
    I hate myself and my life
    I am okay with myself
    I am extremely happy with myself
  • 11
    Have you entered any contests or competitions? (Spelling bees, races, Olympics, sports)
    Not many times, and I win sometimes or most times
    Lots of times, and I win sometimes or most times
    Not many times, and I win rarely or never
    Lots of times, and I win rarely or never
  • 12
    How much sleep do you get each day?
    9+ hours
    4-6 hours
    2-3 hours
    7-8 hours
    0-1 hours
  • 13
    What is your favorite holiday?
    Valentine's Day
  • 14
    What do you think of fighting?
    It is the best thing in the world, I always do it
    It is fun and enjoyable and I do it often
    It is bad, but must be done in emergencies
    It is horrible, there should be no fighting at all costs
    It is okay
  • 15
    How often do you exercise?
    Rarely ever
    30-60 minutes a day
    60-120 minutes a month
    60-120 minutes a week
  • 16
    Are you courageous?
    Yes, somewhat
    Yes, I am brave enough to do anything
    No, not at all
    No, not much
    Yes, I am pretty brave
  • 17
    What would you desire most out of these?
    A lifetime supply of desserts
    To become a famous hero
    To be ready for any obstacle that comes in life's way
    To rule the world
    To be extremely intelligent
  • 18
    Which job would you want most?
    Garbage man
    Computer programmer
  • 19
    Do you think you're ready?
    No, not really
    Yes, absolutely!
    Yes, I am!
    Yes, I think so
    No, not at all
  • 20
    What would you do if you were in a shark attack?
    Stay still
    Swim away
    Strike the gills
    Punch it in a random place
    Strike the nose
  • 21
    What would you do in a big cat attack?
    Hit it
    Try to look big and scary and fight it
    Stay still
    Run away as fast as possible
    Try and become friends with it
  • 22
    What would you do in a bank robbery?
    Surrender all your money and yourself
    Try and fight back
    Scream or cry
    Ignore the bank robbery
    Run and hide
  • 23
    What would you do if you were stranded on an island?
    Scream for help
    Explore, find fresh water and food, and build a camp until help arrives
    Try to swim away
    Play on the island
    Sit and do nothing
  • 24
    How do you handle stress?
    Drink alcohol or smoke
    Leave the stress
    Try and sleep it off
    Talk to friends and family
    Try and laugh it off
  • 25
    What would you do in an earthquake?
    Run away from the earthquake
    Scream for help
    Ignore it
    Crawl under a strong, stable table
  • 26
    What is your best way of earning money?
    Borrowing it
    Winning the lottery
    Working for it
    Begging for it
    Stealing it
  • 27
    How many times do you brush your teeth a day?
  • 28
    Are you strong?
    Yes, I am extremely strong
    Yes, I am strong
    Yes, somewhat
    No, not much
    No, not at all
  • 29
    Are you ready for the final question?
    Yes, I am completely ready
    Yes, I am ready
    No, am not ready at all
    Yes, I am a bit ready
    No, I am not really ready
  • 30
    How much worth are you to the world?
    No worth at all, I am weak, very unintelligent, careless, and selfish
    Much, much worth, I am helpful, skilled, and nice
    Some worth, I can do helpful things but I am weak
    Not much worth, I am weak and unintelligent
    A lot of worth, I am lovable and important to many people

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