What Competitive Horse are you?

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Answer interesting questions to see what you would be like as a competition horse

  • 1
    Firstly, lets start with your coat colour possibilities
    Black, Bay, Brown
    Spotted, Pinto, Cream
    Grey, Dappled, Chestnut
    Palomino, Buckskin, Roan
  • 2
    Your saddlery, bit...?
    GP saddle, drop nose band, gag bit
    GP saddle, drop nose band, snaffle bit
    Dressage saddle, double bridle
    Jump saddle, grackle bridle, curb bit
  • 3
    Extras you need to wear?
    Martingale, maybe splint boots or bell boots
    Maybe a breastplate and tendon boots
    Breastplate/martingale, jumping boots
    Something simple like white polo wraps
  • 4
    Your preferred diet
    Specially formulated grains with hay for bulk
    A concentrated grain ration and grass
    Grass, grain and occasionally hay
    Anything that keeps up my energy, like oats
  • 5
    You like which atmosphere better?
    Anywhere at all, its all exciting
    A venue with flagged arenas, jumps and decorations
    With barrels, flags, colours and lots of other horses
    A clean, well swept bark/sand arena painted white
  • 6
    Let me know about your height/build
    14.3 hands, medium to lean build
    16 hands or near that, medium but well muscled
    15.2 - 16 hands, medium build
    14.1 hands or under, any build
  • 7
    You are being ridden in the warm-up arena. You are most likely doing...
    Cantering and stride changing over fences
    Medium/collected trot, flying changes and circles
    Normal warm-up, trot, canter, a jump or two
    Bending poles at trot/canter to stretch my muscles
  • 8
    Your opinion of your rider wearing spurs or carrying a whip/crop?
    Don't need them and rider doesn't use them
    Don't mind too much, they use them kindly
    Spurs used lightly to aid my direction. Whip used on shoulder to encourage
    Spurs only. To give clear leg instruction for my paces
  • 9
    Ridden at trot. Rider loosens the reins, what does this mean to you?
    Have a stretch or lengthen stride before a big fence
    Take my neck down a bit. Or slow pace
    Stretch my neck right down and lengthen my back
    Quicker. Jump to canter or faster
  • 10
    A new or Inexperienced rider mounts you. Your reaction is to...
    Just do as much as you can with what they're trying to tell you
    Flick head and rear up, or buck them right off
    Snort your annoyance and/or discomfort and keep stepping back
    Hold the bit in your mouth tightly and bolt until they're off
  • 11
    Your temperament and habits (good or naughty)
    Willing and bold. A nice buck when I'm fresh
    Docile and keen. No real bad habits.
    Fiery and excitable. Rearing when I'm inpatient
    Temperamental but courageous.Occasional bucks/pig jumps when I'm excited
  • 12
    You prefer your work to be..
    Quick-paced and sharp movements
    Jumps getting higher and higher
    Calm, elegant but complex movements
    Full of variety
  • 13
    You are kept...
    A nice open paddock with a covering from harsh rain
    Medium stable at night. Paddock in the day
    Large stable
    A paddock, small stable when its wet
  • 14
    You like a rider who is...
    Light on my back and loves to go fast
    Adventurous and tries new things with confidence
    Gentle yet firm, with a soft voice
    Brave and quick minded and knows what they're doing
  • 15
    Your actions toward random mishaps, such as plastic bags blowing, a tent falling over, another horse tangled in its rope?
    Turns head and snorts but doesn't freak at all
    Pull back and gallop away from the situation
    Head jerks up and is tense until the problem is fixed
    Prick ears and act a little unsettled

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