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  • 1
    Based on EEG activity, researchers divide non-REM sleep into
    4 stages
    5 stages
    2 stages
    3 stages
  • 2
    The survival theory of why we sleep suggests that
    Sleep is needed to resynchronize the various biological clocks so they do not drift
    Without sleep our neurotransmitters would be depleted and we couldn't function
    Sleep is needed to restore psychological balance through dreaming
    Because we rely on vision, sleeping at night had the adaptive value of keeping us safe
  • 3
    The individual credited for performing a form of hypnosis in 1783 was
    Ernest Hilgard
    Timothy Leary
    Sigmund Freud
    Anton Mesmer
  • 4
    Hilgard's "hidden observer" experiments are used to provide evidence for
    Hypnotic dissociation
    Hypnotic hypermnesia
    Age regression
    Social role playing
  • 5
    The most positive benefit of meditation is its ability to
    Increase theta waves
    Produce a state of relaxation
    Increase physiological arousal
    Enhance memory for long-forgotten events
  • 6
    Zach appears to have no consciousness of anything that is in the left half of the visual field. Zach probably has brain damage located in
    The cerebellum
    The occipital lobes
    The hind brain
    The right hemisphere
  • 7
    Based on the research of VOkey & Read (1985), what effect will subliminally embedded "sex" have on memory for pictures?
    Recognition memory will improve
    Recognition memory will not differ
    Recognition memory will improve, but only if the picture included people
    Recognition memory will be reduced
  • 8
    Vic has used a drug that increases dopamine and enhances GABA activity. This drug probably is
  • 9
    The "burning house" research with visual neglect patients supports the idea that
    No processing occurs for even very important information if it is in the "neglected" region
    Atomicity develops with repeated exposure, even if presented in the "neglected" region
    Information not in consciousness may be processed and influence behavior
    If important enough, stimuli in the neglected field will reach consciousness
  • 10
    Which is NOT an accurate summary of the subliminal perception research presented in your text?
    Some subliminal self-help tapes do not appear to have subliminal messages embedded in them
    Stimuli that do not reach conscious awareness cannot influence behavior
    The cause of the apparent success of subliminal self-help tapes is likely a placebo effect
    Embedded words or images related to sex produce no improvements in memory or preferences

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