Are you an unsocial, amiable or overly friendly girl?

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Some are unsocial and a complete outcast from parties in their friends' circle. Some are perfectly amiable, attend parties and socialize - often throw themselves. But some can be overly friendly, which is almost as bad as being unsocial. Take this quiz to find out which one u are.

  • 1
    Your friend's friend, whom you met thrice and are on okay terms with, invites you to a dinner at her house. You...
    Ask if there are people you know and then accept the invitation
    Confess you don't attend many socials and decline the invitation
    Accept the invitation at once and decide to find out about everyone at the party
  • 2
    You see a young woman crossing the road and see that she is on crutches. You hear her call to you sweetly for help...
    Politely take her hand, say hello and get her to the other side of the road
    Hurry over and inquire about what happened to her leg and take her across the road and walk her to her destination
    Hide your face and turn away, pretending you haven't heard.
  • 3
    At a party, your friends tell you to take your food and join them at their table. You meet a new, very pleasant person at the food counter and he/she says hi. You...
    Smile confidently and pursue the conversation, jumping into it with friendliness and open manners and forget about your friends
    Make a little small talk, apologize and hurry to your waiting friends
    Hide your face, mumble a hi and turn away to leave the party
  • 4
    An acquaintance of yours meets you at the mall, where your mom sent you to shop. The friend tells you about a concert downstairs. You...
    Say an awkward hi, turn away and leave the mall
    Accept, hurry downstairs with her, hang out after the concert with her, try to get to know her better...
    Converse with her a little, decline the offer and explain the chores you have to do for your mom
  • 5
    You are sitting on your laptop, when your mom bursts into the room and tells you you have the choice to attend a party or stay home. You...
    Shake your head, scold your mother for interfering and continue your work
    Go to the party, have fun and come back as soon as the normal guests start leaving
    Immediately jump with enthusiasm, go to the party and come back horribly late
  • 6
    At a party, you are usually found...
    Laughing with strangers, cracking jokes with unknowns, slapping friends on the back, hitting the dance floor with energy and enthusiasm
    Eating with friends, dancing with friends, chatting politely but not casually with strangers
    Lurking in the shadows, hoping no one sees you, wondering why they forced u here
  • 7
    Friends, concerning your sociality, describe you as:
    "a little too easygoing, overly social, excessively friendly"
    "Sociality? What the...! She never attends anything social!"
    "perfectly like-able, social enough, fun to be with"
  • 8
    Your parents usually tell you:
    "Good, honey. Now - can I introduce you to an old friend of mine?"
    "Come here! You are so unsocial, child. You must learn to be friendlier!"
    "Don't talk to strangers so much. Stop smiling at those unknowns!"
  • 9
    On a Saturday night, one can find you:
    At parties, clubs, concerts, etc. making new friends every weekend
    Home alone, sitting on the laptop, reading a book, watching tv, etc.
    At a close friend's house, at a party, etc. chatting to old friends and sometimes even making new ones
  • 10
    What do you think your result will be?
    I have no idea (smiles politely)
    Don't know (smiles brightly)
    I don't know why I even took the damn test (scowls)

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