Are you mean?

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Every one is mean to some degree, the question is how mean are you? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    If someone is embarrassing themselves in front of everyone and they're all laughing, what do you do?
    Laugh at them and tell all your friends later.
    Feel sorry for them a little bit but can't help laughing.
    Feel sorry for them.
    Feel sorry for them and try to help them.
  • 2
    Someone bumps into you and you fall over, what do you do?
    Tell them it's OK.
    Tell them it's your fault and you're sorry,
    Tell them it's OK but to watch were they're going next time!
    Tell them to watch were they're going and get lost!
  • 3
    You bump into someone and they fall over, what do you do?
    Ignore them and walk right past.
    Tell them you're sorry and help them up.
    Tell them you're 'so sorry!', help them up and make sure they're OK.
    Tell them you're sorry quickly and walk away
  • 4
    You really wanted to win a prize, but someone else got it. You're really jealous so you...
    Spread a rumour they cheated and ignore them.
    Congratulate them but you don't mean it at all.
    Congratulate them and mean it but are secretly really annoyed.
    Congratulate them and tell them they deserve it, after all they must have earned it.
  • 5
    If you saw a girl of this description what would you do?
    Brown scraggly hair, big nose, crooked teeth, pimples, bit of extra weight, clashing outfit.
    Laugh at them with your friends and tell everyone later
    Can't help but giggle.
    Feel sorry for them:(
    Go up and talk to them, they're probably really nice.
  • 6
    You see someone dropped there bag and everything fell out, you...
    Walk straight by maybe even stepping on something they dropped if they look like a loser.
    Help them pick up everything
    Help them pick everything up and ask them if they need anymore help.
    Pick up something that landed further away and give it to them but otherwise walk right by.
  • 7
    You see there's a new girl at school, she looks a little weird and really shy you...
    Introduce yourself but only quickly in case one of the cool kids is watching
    Ignore her, what else?
    Introduce yourself and ask her all about herself to get her to come out of her shell, invite her to lunch and to study with you and your friends.
    Introduce yourself and invite her to sit with your group at lunch to see if she's nice.
  • 8
    You have a new teacher, what do you do?
    You might join in on a prank but only if you think the teacher will find it funny too.
    Swap names and play pranks so she knows who is boss.
    Make sure she knows everyone's names and give her an apple.
    Play along with whatever the cool kids decide to do.
  • 9
    Your friend can't come to your place at the last minute because someone in her family died you...
    Start crying because its so sad and ask her if she wants you to come over and comfort her.
    Don't care, you wanted to invite over your other friend anyway, you were getting bored of her.
    Tell her your really sorry and ask her if there's anything you can do. Don't invite over someone else.
    Tell her your really sorry but when you hang up call your other friend to see if she can come.
  • 10
    You hear a rumor someone spread about you...
    Find out who and never talk to them again.
    Find out who and let them know you feel hurt but forgive them in the end.
    Find out who and spread an even worse rumor about them.
    Find out who and confront them about it, it was probably just a misunderstanding.

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