What Mythical Being Are You?

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10 Questions - Developed by: DizzyNinjaCat - The quiz is developed on: - 6.035 taken

What lurks within you? More importantly...how close is it to ripping through?

  • 1
    Choose the word that appeals to you MOST:
  • 2
    Imagine yourself stalking through the forest at night as a gentle misting of rain drifts down...What is on your mind as you creep through the rain spray and foliage?
    I'm focused on the kill. I'm close behind, any noise will startle my prey, so all my focus is put into being quiet.
    I can't help but wonder where I am and why I'm here...I'm always pondering things.
    I'm watching. My regular snack passes through here every night after going to the bar. Trying to be patient...
    I remember this place...It looks so creepy now with everything being so dead and damp...
    Creeping? HA! No! I'm sprinting through the trees, clawing the branches away from me...This is the thrill I've been needing. The rush I get right before I take a life.
  • 3
    In a romantic relationship you...
    Are very relaxed, but have a habit of wanting to make the final decisions.
    Are the alpha of the situation, always taking control.
    Abusive...as some might call it.
    Are passionate and sensual, but sometimes you snap.
    I don't really get into relationships.
  • 4
    For the next three questions, I'm going to list a color. Answer with what it makes you think of.
  • 5
    Treasure or Gems
  • 6
    Forest leaves
    Locked doors
    More Profit...?
  • 7
    Choose the set of names that appeals to you most:
    Armagus, Ragna, Oni.
    Eternity, Whisper, Passion.
    Morgan, Rowan, Blake.
    James, Agatha, Isabelle.
    Segra, Rok, Ceturi.
  • 8
    There are five weapons set before you on a table. You are told to pick ONE of them. There is a Sword, a Longbow with quiver/arrows, Claws, Fangs, and a Spear.
  • 9
    You are about to die....how did this happen?
    It was a battle to the finish. I did my best, but my enemy did better.
    Poisoned...It was a long death, yes...but it was in the name of something important to me.
    I made the decision to commit suicide...an eternity alive is just too long to bear.
    I went down in a hail of BULLETS. BULLETS!
    Fire demit. FIRE...
  • 10
    You are given the opportunity to leave one symbol and a saying in the place that you died. What will you put?
    Crescent moon: The Hunter Became the Hunted.
    Chaos Symbol: Burn the sinners because they want to pay.
    A shield: May everyone protect themselves from the danger that I faced.
    Circle: It will never E.N.D...because Eternity Never Dies.
    A tear drop/drop of blood: Once we kill it all, it was all we had.